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The benefits of Gua Sha for radiant skin

The benefits of Gua Sha for radiant skin

The world of beauty is full of ancestral techniques and rituals intended to improve our well-being and enhance our skin. Among these practices, the Gua Sha in pink quartz has imposed itself as a popular care method, combining ancient wisdom with modernity.

In this article, let's dive into the sparkling universe of Gua Sha in pink quartz and let's explore its extraordinary benefits for brilliant skin.

THE Gua Sha In pink quartz: Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese massage technique that dates back to millennia.
It consists of using a smooth tool to gently massage the skin of the face and neck, promoting blood circulation, detoxification and relaxation of muscle tensions.

When this millennial technique meets pink quartz, a precious stone renowned for its soothing properties, the result is an experience of luxurious and holistic care.


Benefits for the skin:

  1. Stimulation of blood circulation: Gua Sha in pink quartz stimulates blood circulation, thus promoting increased oxygenation of skin cells. This contributes to more radiant skin, nourished from the inside.

  2. Reduction of pockets and dark circles: Gua movements help drain toxins and lymphatic fluids, thus reducing the pockets under the eyes and attenuating the appearance of dark circles.

  3. Muscle relaxation: The soothing properties of pink quartz combined with the delicate movements of Gua Sha relax the facial muscles, reducing tensions and promoting a relaxed facial expression.

  4. Collagen stimulation: Gua Sha in pink quartz can stimulate collagen production, thus contributing to firmer, elastic and resilient skin.

  5. Natural shine: By eliminating energy blockages and restoring the energy balance of the face, the Gua Sha in pink quartz leaves the skin radiant, with a natural radiance and a found vitality.

 Gua Sha Quartz Rose

How to use the pink quartz gua sha:

  1. Clean your face: Make sure your face is clean and removed before you start the Gua Sha ritual in pink quartz.

  2. Apply an oil or serum: Use an oil or a hydrating serum to facilitate the movements of the Gua Sha and maximize its benefits.

  3. Follow the facial contours: Use the Gua SHA Tool in pink quartz by following the contours of your face with soft and regular movements, taking care to maintain a light pressure.

  4. Target specific areas: Focus on areas subject to tensions, wrinkles or lymphatic stagnation, such as the forehead, the cheeks and the neck.

  5. Repeat regularly: For optimal results, join the pink quartz gua sha with your care routine two to three times a week.


THE Gua Sha In pink quartz is much more than a simple ritual of beauty.
It is a sensory experience that merges ancient wisdom with modern science to offer bright and revitalized skin.
Add this jewel of beauty to your daily routine and discover the dazzling benefits of this millennial practice.
Your skin will thank you with a natural radiance and a found harmony.

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