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fleur de vie en bois
fleur de vie en bois
notice fleur de vie
fleur de vie en bois
fleur de vie en bois
fleur de vie en bois
notice fleur de vie
fleur de vie en bois

Flower of life

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Superb flower of wood, to recharge natural stones.

This "flower of life" can be used for:

  • Recharge your natural stone bracelets or necklaces : Just put your bracelet (s) or collar (s) over 1 full night. 
  • Recharge your natural stones  : Just lay your (s) above for 1 full night. 
  • Water harmonization (just place the carafe, glass, cup)
  • Harmonization of products, food (just place fruits or other grocery products on the flower of life)
  • The harmonization of places (wall installation or window decoration)

Flower of Life

Features :

Composition : Exotic wood from India
Dimensions: 9cm in diameter - 3mm thick
Delivery in a secure bubble envelope.


How to use the flower of life?

YOU Place one or more stones on the flower of life.
Leave One whole night: Your stone will then be recharged ...
You can recharge Several stones at the same time on the flower of life.
The flower of life absolutely does not need to be purified and recharged: it is ready to use!


How many stones lay on the flower of life?

Depending on the size of your stones or jewelry, you can Place one or more stones on the flower of life.


How often to use the flower of life?

After purifying your stone Under the smoke released by incense, it will be necessary Use the flower of life to recharge your stone (s).

Purification + Recharge = to be renewed every 8 to 10 days.

Recharge by Fleur de Vie constitutes a rapid and not very restrictive method: So you no longer need to place your stones in the sun or under the moon to recharge them. 


 What is the flower of life?

Flower of Life

The flower of life is a geometric shape formed from circles connected by the center. It is a reason considered to be sacred, which represents the universe.

The circles that compose it form patterns that each represent part of the universe. It is found in sacred geometry, as well as on many old relics. 

Inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe: the seed of life, composed of the seven external circles, which correspond to the seven days of creation of the world.

The "flower of life" generates a harmonious energy vibratory field.

Find our blog on the flower of life.

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✓ Our advices : To maintain the efficiency of your stone, purify it every week with natural incense paper propose ; And just after recharge it using the flower of Life.
Flower of life

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