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Ambassador program agreement

Operating agreement of the Ambassador Program

Update: March 2024

This operating contract of the affiliation program (the "operating contract") contains the general conditions that govern your participation in the affiliation program (the "program"). "We", "our" or "our" designates GoafPro.com and the partner website. "EVA workshop" or "your" designates the applicant. A "site" means a website. "The Atelier d'Eva" designates the electronic/retail partner using the GoafPro affiliate monitoring software. "L'Atelier d'Eva" designates any site (s), any software application (s) and any mobile application (as defined below) that you link to the partner site. "Advertising costs" means the commissions received for a successful and verified sale of a product on the partner's site by a customer using your sponsorship link.

By checking the box indicating that you accept the general conditions of this operating contract, or by continuing to participate in the program after the publication by us of a modification notice, a revised operating contract or a Operational documentation revised on the partner's website, you (a) agree to be bound by this operating contract; (B) Recognize and accept that you have independently assessed the opportunity to participate in the program and that you do not trust any representation, guarantee or declaration other than those expressly stated in this operating contract; And (c) Declare and guarantee by these present that you are legally able to conclude contracts (e.g. G., you are not a minor) and that you are and will remain in accordance with this operating agreement. In addition, if this operating agreement is accepted by a company or another legal entity, the person who accepts this operating agreement on behalf of this company or entity declares and guarantees that it is authorized and legally capable of linking this Company or entity to this operating agreement.

1. Program description

The objective of the program is to allow you to advertise for products on your site and to win advertising fees or commissions for eligible purchases (defined in section 7) made by your end users. A "product" is any article sold on the partner's website, with the exception of products that are explicitly defined as products excluded here (collectively, "excluded products"). The product may also include certain services, if necessary, expressly included in the scale of the affiliate program commissions. In order to facilitate your advertising for products, we can provide you with data, images, text, links, widgets, links and other liaison tools, as well as other information related to With the program ("content"). The content specifically excludes all data, images, texts or other information or content relating to products offered on any other site than the partner's site.

2. Registration

To start the registration process, you must submit a request for participation in the complete and exact program. You must identify your site in your request. We will assess your request and inform you of its acceptance or rejection. We can reject your request at our only discretion, especially if we determine that your site is not suitable. Unsuitable sites include those who:

(a) promote or contain sexually explicit material;

(b) encourage violence or contain violent content;

(c) promote or contain slanderous or defamatory content;

(d) encourage discrimination, or use discriminatory practices, based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;

(e) promote or undertake illegal activities;

(f) Include a brand of GoAffPro, its partner sites or its affiliated companies, or a variant or a spelling misconduct of a GoaffPro brand, its partner sites or its affiliated companies, in a domain name , a sub-domain name, or in a username, a group name or any other identifier on a social network site; Or

(g) violate intellectual property rights otherwise.

If we reject your application, you are invited to renew it at any time. However, if we accept your candidacy and later determine that your site is not suitable, we can terminate this operating agreement at any time, at our sole discretion.

You will ensure that the information appearing in your program registration request and otherwise associated with your account, including your email address and other contact details and the identification of your site, is at any time full, accurate and up to date. We can send notifications (if applicable), approvals (if applicable) and other communications relating to the program and this operating agreement at the email address associated with your program account. You will be deemed to have received all the notifications, approvals and other communications sent to this email address, even if the email address associated with your account is no longer current.

3. Links on your site

After being informed that you have been accepted in the program, you can display special links on your site. The "special links" are links to the partner's site that you place on your site in accordance with this operating contract, which correctly use the "marked" special links that we provide and which comply with the link requirements affiliation program. Special links allow precise monitoring, report and accumulation of advertising costs.

You can collect advertising costs only in the manner described in section 7 and only with regard to activity on the partner's site which occurs directly through special links. We will have no obligation to pay you advertising costs if you cannot correctly format the links on your site to the partner's site as special links, including as such a breach can cause a reduction A amounts of advertising costs that would otherwise be paid to you under this operating contract.

If you wish to include special links in a software application designed and intended to be used on mobile phones, tablets or other portable devices ("mobile application"), you must include the name of the mobile application and the link to your mobile application in your request to the program. The adequacy requirements and other requirements in this section 3 and the mobile applications policy will apply to mobile applications. We will assess your request and inform you of its acceptance or rejection. An accepted mobile application will be an "approved mobile application" for this agreement.

The special links displayed in approved mobile applications can be served by the API of affiliate or the API of partner ("Api of affiliate") or the API of advertising of product, including all the special links displayed in An integrated web browser and must use the affiliate ID that we expressly assigned to you for your approved mobile applications.

4. Program requirements

By participating in the program, you agree to comply with the participation requirements in the affiliation program and all pages, calendars, policies, directives and other documents and materials referenced in this operating agreement (collectively, "operational documentation ").

You will provide us with all the information we will ask for you to verify your compliance with this operating agreement or any operational documentation. If we determine that you have not complied with a requirement or a restriction described on the page requirements for participation in the affiliation program or any other operational documentation or that you have otherwise violated this operating contract, we can (in addition Of all the other rights or appeals we have): (a) retain all the advertising costs due to you under this operating agreement ,; (b) Close any other account that you may have or open in the future, without payment of advertising costs; (c) terminate this operating agreement ,; or (d) undertake all the actions above .... in addition, you consent by the present to what we

Send you emails relating to the program from time to time;
Monitor, save, use and disclose information on your site and visitors to your site that we obtain in relation to your display of special links (for example, that a private customer has clicked on a special link of your site before buy a product on the partner's website) in accordance with the privacy notice; And
Monitor, explore and investigate any other way on your site to check its compliance with this operating agreement and operational documentation.

5. Responsibility of your site

You will be solely responsible for your site, including its development, operation and maintenance, as well as all the elements which appear there. For example, you will be responsible for:

the technical operation of your site and any related equipment;
The display of special links and content on your site in accordance with this operating agreement and operational documentation, as well as any agreement between you and any other person or entity (including the restrictions or requirements imposed on you by any person or entity that hosts your site);
Creation and publication, and the guarantee of accuracy, completeness and relevance of documents published on your site (including all product descriptions and other documents relating to products and any information you include in special links or associate with them);
Use the content, your site and the elements found there so as not to break, violate or divert one of our rights or those of any other person or entity (including copyright, trademarks , confidentiality, advertising or any other intellectual property or property right);
Use the content, your site and the elements appearing on or in your site in a way that is not harmful, harassment, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, pedophile, slanderous or other in any way;
The disclosure on your site, precisely and adequately, through a privacy or other policy, of the way you collect, use, store and disclose the data collected from visitors, including, if necessary, The fact that third parties (including us and other advertisers) can disseminate content and advertisements, collect information directly from visitors and place or recognize cookies on visitors' browsers; And
Any use you make of GoAffPro content and brands, whether or not authorized by this operating contract.

We will have no responsibility for these questions or for the complaints of your end users relating to these questions, and you agree to defend us, to compensate us and to keep us away, as well as our affiliates and license conceders, And our and their and their employees, managers, directors and respective representatives, of all complaints, damage, losses, responsibilities, costs and expenses (including lawyer fees) relating to (a) your site or any material appearing on your site , including the combination of your site or this equipment with other applications, content or process; (b) use, development, design, manufacturing, production, advertising, promotion or marketing of your site or any material appearing on or in your site, and all other questions described in this Section 5; (c) your use of any content, whether or not this use may be authorized by this operating contract, any operational documentation or the applicable law, or whether it violates them or not; (d) your violation of any condition of this operating contract or any operational documentation; or (e) your negligence or intentional fault of your employees.

6. Order processing

We will process orders for products placed by customers who follow the special links of your site to the partner's site. We reserve the right to reject orders which do not comply with the requirements of the partner's site, as they can be updated from time to time. We will monitor eligible purchases (defined in section 7) for reporting and accounting for advertising costs and we will provide you with the summary of these eligible purchases.

7. Advertising costs

We will pay you admissible advertising fees in accordance with section 8 and the scale of the affiliate program. In the event that an excess payment has been paid to you for any reason whatsoever, we reserve the right to adjust it or deduce it from all the subsequent advertising costs which are due to you under this operating contract. Subject to the exclusions set out below, an "eligible purchase" occurs when (a) a customer clicks on a special link on your site to the partner's site; (b) During a single session, the customer adds a product to his basket and plays the order of this product no later than 89 days after the click's first click; or (c) the product is shipped to the customer and paid by him.

A "session" begins when a customer clicks on a special link on your site to the partner's site and ends at the first of the following eventualities: (x) 24 hours flow from this click; (y) The customer plans an order for a product; or (z) the customer follows a special link to the partner's site which is not your special link.

The eligible purchases exclude the following elements, for which we will not pay advertising costs:

Any product which, after the expiration of the applicable session, is added to the basket of a customer, or is broadcast continuously or downloaded by a customer, even if the customer has previously followed a special link from your site to the site of the website partner ;

Any purchase of product which is not properly followed or reported because the links between your site and the partner's site are not correctly formatted;

Any product purchased through a special link by yourself or on your behalf, including the products you buy through special links for yourself, friends, parents or partners (for example, personal orders, orders for your own use and orders placed by yourself for or in the name of any other person or entity);

any product purchased for resale or commercial use of any kind;

any product purchased after the termination of this operating agreement;

any product order for which a cancellation, a return or a refund has been initiated; And

Any product purchased by a customer who is directed to the partner's site by one of the following means:

a prohibited paid research placement; Or

A link to the partner's site, including a redirection link, which is generated or displayed on a search engine in response to a general research request on the Internet or a keyword (that is to say in Natural, free, organic or not remunerated research results), whether these links appear through your data submission to this site or otherwise.

Any eligible purchase as part of which you have offered a person or an entity a consideration or an incentive (including money, a discount, a discount, points, a donation to a charity or another Organization, or any other advantage) for the use of special links (for example, by implementing a program of "rewards" or loyalty that encourages people or entities to visit the partner's site via your special links).

Any product purchased through a special link in a mobile application that was not an approved mobile application or when the special link in an approved mobile application was not served by the AMA API, the advertising API product or other liaison tools that we provide you with.

Any eligible purchase, which takes place in India, made through a mobile device or a tablet in which:

Payment advertising at the click is strictly prohibited.

Any eligible purchase in which the affiliate has published links or his coupon code on a "coupon website" is strictly prohibited. For the definition of a coupon site, see below

The display of coupon offers on your website with "Reveal the coupon code" or a similar sentence that encourages the visitor to click to reveal a coupon code and go to the partner's website is prohibited.

The mobile application of the partner's site is preloaded by the original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") on the device or tablet; Or

The mobile application of the partner's site is installed through a maintenance version, an update of the firmware or notifications based on the firmware sent by the equipment supplier or the notification partner; Or

The mobile application of the partner's site is installed from a source other than Google Play Store or iOS App Store.


"Coupon website".

The partner will determine in his sole discretion if you are classified as a coupon affiliate. The factors that can lead to classification as "affiliated with reduction vouchers" include, but are not limited to

The presence of coupons offers, in particular many different merchants, on the affiliate website, in particular if these coupons represent many different merchants and/or are indexed or organized in a repertoire;

The presence of certain words (or variants or spelling mistakes of these words) in the URL of the website or appearing in good place in the content of the website, such as "coupons", "offers" or "savings ";

A website focused on other merchants and the discounts or promotions they offer, rather than on products, and which has few original content generated by humans.

"Prohibited paid research placement" designates an advertisement that you bought by binding on keywords, research terms or other identifiers (including proprietary terms) or by participating in another way in auctions of keywords. "Owner term" designates keywords, research terms or other identifiers that include the word "goaffpro", or any other brand of GoAffPro or its affiliates, or variations or spelling mistakes of one of these Words (for example, "Goaffpor"). "Redirection link" means a link that sends users indirectly to the partner's site via an intermediate site or web page and without requiring the user to click on a link or perform another affirmative action on this site or this web page intermediate. "Search engine" means Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other research or referencing service, or any site that participates in one of their respective networks.

8. Payment of advertising costs

We will pay you advertising fees on a monthly basis for eligible purchases shipped, broadcast continuously or downloaded (depending on the case) during a given month, subject to any restraint or applicable deduction described below. We will pay you about 60 days after the end of each civilian month, but we can accumulate and retain advertising costs until the total amount due to you at least inr1000 in the event of neft transfers.

The advertising fees that are due to you include all taxes, including the tax on services, the tax on products and services or any other tax or withdrawal that you may be required to pay within the framework of these services, for which You will establish an invoice valid in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and declare it in the declarations within the prescribed deadlines so that the partner site can benefit from a tax credit on inputs for paid taxes. You agree to respect all the applicable provisions of this law, including but without limiting yourself:

the emission in due time of invoices in accordance with the GST;
the provision of invoices to the partner site;
the deposit of taxes applicable on a periodic basis; And
Declare them properly to the government under tax laws.

If, at any time, the tax credit is refused or the payment of taxes is requested from the partner's site or from GoAffPro, because of it, but without limiting itself, from the issue of a deficient invoice, a Failure to pay the taxes, an inappropriate declaration in the declarations filed or the non-compliance with the laws and regulations applicable by you, you will have to compensate the partner's site and GoAffPro for any refused credit or any taxed tax, as well as for all Interest and any penalty imposed on the partner's site and on GoAffPro. If the applicable Indian tax legislation requires it, we can deduce or retain taxes, direct debits or any other similar amount of the advertising costs due to you. If you are an Indian resident, the advertising costs payable to you will be subject to a income tax reservoir at the rate stipulated by the applicable law. If you are not an Indian resident or if you have not provided us with your PAN (permanent account number), the tax rate that will be applicable will vary. Furthermore, if you are a non-resident, you agree to provide the necessary documents, as it may be required, so that the partner site and GoAffPro can meet any declaration or any obligation concerning the advertising costs which are due to you . If we deduce or retain taxes on the advertising costs that are payable to you, we will issue you the corresponding tax reservoir certificate, if the applicable law requires it, attesting to the deposit of taxes with the competent regulatory authorities (for Non-residents, this is subject to the provision of corresponding documents). If you provide us with a zero or reduced tax reservoir certificate, we will apply this zero or reduced tax rate as a tax rate applicable to the advertising costs that are due to you. You accept by this to not continue a complaint against P or one of its affiliated companies, and you give this complaints that you can have or in the future in this which concerns the taxes that the partner site and GoAffPro file with a competent tax authority in accordance with this operating contract.

9. Policy and pricing

Customers who buy products through this program are customers of the partner's site for all the activities they undertake in relation to the partner's site. Consequently, between you and us, all the prices, conditions of sale, rules, policies and operating procedures concerning client orders, customer service and sales of products set out on the partner's website will apply to These customers and can be changed at any time.

10. identify yourself as partner

You will not publish any press releases or will not make any other public communication concerning this operating contract, your use of content or your participation in the program. You should not distort or embellish the relationship between us and you (including by expressing or suggesting that we support, sponsor, approve or contribute to a work of charitable or another cause), nor express or let a relationship hear Or an affiliation between us and you or any other person or entity, unless this is expressly authorized by this operating contract. However, you must clearly indicate the following on your site: "[Insert your name] is a participant in the GoAffPro affiliation program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for the sites to win advertising fees in advertising and creating links to the partner site ".

11. Limited license

Subject to the conditions of this operating contract and only with the limited aim of advertising for products on the partner's website and to direct end users to this site as part of the program, we grant you by this A limited, revocable, non-transferable, non-sub-line, non-exclusive and free rights license to (a) copy and display content only on your site; and (b) to use only the brands and logos that we can provide you with the content (these brands and logos, collectively, "GoafPro brands") only on your site and in accordance with directives relating to brands of the program affiliation.

All the licenses set out in this section 11 will be immediately and automatically terminated if, at any time, you do not comply with any obligation in due time under this operating contract or any operational documentation, or otherwise to the termination of this Operating contract. In addition, we can end the license set out in this section 11, in whole or in part, by sending you a written opinion. You will quickly remove from your site and delete or destroy in another way all the content and GoaffPro brands for which the license stipulated in this section 11 is terminated or as we can ask from time to time.

Intellectual property license in the partners' program ("license")

By accepting the operating contract, or by accessing or using the advertising content of product (as defined below), including Owner Application Programming Interfaces and other tools (collectively, "API PA" ) which allow you to access and use certain types of data, images, texts and other information and content relating to the products ("Product advertising content") that we can provide you, you accept be bound by this license.

Subject to the conditions of this license and only for the limited purposes of participation in the partners' program in strict compliance with the operating contract (including this license and the other operational documents), we grant you by these Limited, revocable, non-transferable license, which cannot be subject to an underside, non-exclusive and free from fees for: (a) copy and display the advertising content of product only on your site; (b) Use only the GoAffPro brands that we provide you as part of the product advertising content, only on your site and in accordance with the directives relating to the brands of the Partner Program, unless otherwise provided for this operating contract, and (c) Access the API PA, data flow and product advertising content and use them only in accordance with specifications and this license.

12. Right's reserve; submissions

Apart from licenses limited expressly stated in article 11, we reserve all rights, securities and interests (including all intellectual and property property rights) relating to the program, special links, links, in the Content, at API PA, data flows, to the advertising content produced, and you do not acquire, under this operating contract or the license which results from it, interests or rights relating to these Elements, any domain name that we have or exploit, the information and documents appearing on any partner site or site of the partners, our brands and logos and those of our affiliated companies (including the GoAffPro brands), and any other intellectual property And technology that we provide or use as part of the program (including application program interfaces, software development kits, libraries, code samples and related documents).

If you provide us, to us or to one of our affiliates, suggestions, criticisms, modifications, data, images, texts or other information or content concerning a product or in relation to this contract of exploitation, any content or your participation in the program, or if you modify any content in any way, (collectively, "your submission"), you give us irrevocably by these all the rights, securities and interests relating to Your submission and grant us (even if you have appointed your submission as confidential) a perpetual right and license, released from royalties, non -exclusive, global, irrevocable and freely transferable to (a) use, reproduce, execute, display and distribute your submission in any way; (b) Adapt, modify, reformat and create works derived from your submission to any purpose; (c) Use and publish your name in the form of a credit in relation to your submission (however, we will have no obligation to do so); and (d) grant an underside of the rights above all other person or entity. In addition, you guarantee by the present that: (y) your submission is your original work, or that you have obtained your submission in a legal manner; and (z) that our exercise and that of our sub-liciting rights within the framework of the above license will not violate any person or entity, including copyright. You agree to provide us with the assistance we may require to document, perfect or maintain our rights on your submission.

13. Respect for laws

As part of your participation in the program, you will comply with all the laws applicable in India, including, but without limiting yourself, to orders, rules, regulations, orders, licenses, permit, judgments, decisions and other requirements of any government authority having jurisdiction over you.

14. Duration and termination

The duration of this operating agreement will start from our acceptance of your program request and will end when you or we will end it. You or we can terminate this operating agreement at any time, with or without reason, by giving the other party a written notice of termination. In the event of termination of this operating contract, all the licenses you have concerning the content will be automatically terminated and you will immediately cease to use the GoaffPro content and brands and will quickly remove from your site and delete or destroy all links otherwise Towards the partner's site, all GoAffPro brands, any other content and any other material provided or made available by us or in our name within the framework of this operating contract or in relation to the program. We may retain the accumulated and unpaid advertising costs for a reasonable period after termination to ensure that the correct amount is paid (for example, to take account of cancellations or returns). During any termination of this operating agreement, all the rights and obligations of the parties will be extinguished, except that the rights and obligations of the parties under sections 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 18 , 19 and 20, as well as all the accumulated payment obligations but not paid by us under this operating agreement, will survive the termination of this operating agreement. No termination of this operating agreement will generate any of the parties of any responsibility for any violation of this operating agreement or any responsibility accumulated under it before termination.

15. Modification

We can modify one of the terms and conditions contained in this operating agreement (and any operational documentation) at any time and at our sole discretion by publishing a notice of modification, revised agreement or operational documentation revised on the site of the partner or by sending you a notification of this modification by e-mail to the email address then associated with your associate account (any modification by e-mail will be effective on the date specified in this email and do not will in no case be less than two working days after the date of sending the email). Changes may include, for example, changes in the scale of the affiliation program, conditions of participation in the affiliation program, payment procedures and other requirements of the program. If a modification is unacceptable for you, your only recourse is to terminate this operating contract. If you continue to participate in the program after the date of entry into force of a modification (for example, the date of publication of a notice of modification, a revised operating contract or revised operational documentation on The partner's site or the date specified in any email sent to you concerning this modification), you will be deemed to have accepted the modification.

16. Relations between the parties

You and we are independent entrepreneurs, and nothing in this operating agreement or the operational documentation will create a partnership, a joint venture, an agency, a franchise, a commercial representative or a employment relationship between you and us or our respective affiliates. You will not have the power to make or accept offers or declarations on our behalf or that of our affiliated societies. You will not make any declaration, whether on your site or otherwise, which contradicts or could contradict anything in this section. If you authorize, help, encourage or facilitate another person or entity to take a measure linked to the subject of this operating agreement, you will be deemed to have taken this measure yourself.

17. Limitation of responsibility

We will not be responsible for indirect, accidental, special, consecutive or exemplary damage (including any loss of income, profits, customers, use or data) arising from this operating agreement, program, Operational documentation, the partners site, the GoAffPro site or service offers (defined below), even if we have been informed of the possibility of these damages. In addition, our global responsibility arising from this operating contract, the program, the partners site, the GoAffPro site and service offers will not exceed the total advertising fees that have been paid to you or that are payable to you in Virtue of this operating contract during the twelve months immediately preceding the date on which the event gave rise to the most recent liability.

18. Non-liability clauses

The program, the GoAffPro site, the partners 'site, the products and services offered on the partners' site, the special links, the links, the operational documentation, the content, the domain name GoAffPro.com and the brands and Logos of our affiliates (including GoAffPro brands), as well as all technologies, software, functions, hardware, data, images, texts and other information and content provided or used by ourselves, our affiliates or our conceders of License, or on their behalf, within the framework of the program (collectively, the "service offers") are provided "as it is". Neither we nor any of our affiliates or license conceders do a declaration or guarantee of any kind, whether express, implicit, statutory or other, concerning service offers. Except insofar as the applicable law prohibits it, we, our affiliates and our license conceders decline any guarantee relating to service offers, including any implicit guarantee of market quality, satisfactory quality, adequacy to special use , Lack of counterfeiting and peaceful enjoyment, as well as any guarantee arising from any transaction, performance or commercial use. We can interrupt any service offer, or modify the nature, the characteristics, the functions, the scope or the operation of any service offer, at any time and from time to time, in our sole discretion. Neither we nor any of our license affiliates or conceders guarantee that the service offers will continue to be provided, will work as described, in a constant manner or in a particular way, or will be uninterrupted, precise, without error or without harmful components . Neither we nor any of our affiliated or license conceders will be responsible for errors, inaccuracies or service interruptions, including power outages or system failures; Or (b) any unauthorized access to your site or any data, image, text or other information or content, or any modification, deletion, destruction, damage or loss of these. No advice or information obtained by you from us or from any other person or entity or through the program, content, operational documentation, the GoAffPro site or the site of the affiliation program will create any Guarantee not expressly stated in this operating contract. Furthermore, neither we nor any of our affiliates or license conceders will be responsible for any compensation, reimbursement or damage arising (x) for any loss of potential profits or income, early sales, business or Other advantages, (y) of any investment, expenditure or commitment on your part in relation to this operating contract or your participation in the program, or (z) any termination of this operating contract or your participation in the program .

19. Applicable law and disputes

This operating agreement will be governed by the laws of the Republic of India, without taking into account the principle of conflict of laws. The courts of [Haryana] will have exclusive jurisdiction for any litigation linked or arising in any way of the program or this operating agreement.

Notwithstanding any contrary provision of this operating agreement, we may request an injunction or any other measure before any competent court in the event of real or presumed violation of our intellectual property rights or property of any other person or entity. You also recognize and accept that our rights on the content are special, unique and extraordinary, which gives them a particular value, the loss of which cannot be easily estimated or compensated for damages.

20. Various

You acknowledge and accept that we and our affiliated companies can at any time (directly or indirectly) request customer recommendations on conditions that may differ from those contained in this operating agreement or operate sites that are similar or competing with your site. You cannot give this operating contract, by applying the law or otherwise, without our express prior written agreement. Subject to this restriction, this operating agreement will be binding for the parties and their respective successors and beneficiaries, and will be enforceable. The fact that we have not required your strict execution of a provision of this operating agreement will not constitute a renunciation of our right to apply this provision or any other provision of this operating agreement. In the event of a conflict between this operating contract and the operational documentation, the Products page excluded from the affiliation program will prevail over this operating contract, which will prevail over the rest of the operational documentation. Whenever they are used in this operating agreement, the terms "include", "including", "for example" and "for example" mean, respectively, "include, without limitation", "including, including, Without limitation "," for example, without limitation "and" for example, without limitation ". All the determinations or updates that we can do, all the actions that we can take, and all the approvals that we can give under this operating agreement, can be made, taken or data at our sole discretion. Any information concerning us or concerning our affiliated companies that we provide within the framework of the operating contract and which is not known to the general public is considered to be ("confidential information"). You accept that: (a) all confidential information will remain the exclusive property of GoAffPro; (b) You will only use confidential information to the extent that this is reasonably necessary for your performance within the framework of the operating contract and you will assure you that those with access to confidential information will be informed of the obligations of this provision and will comply; and (c) you will not disclose confidential information to an individual, a company or a third party (other than your affiliates). You accept that we can, at our sole discretion, disclose or make any information provided or subject to you or linked to your performance within the framework of this Judicial, Judicial, Government, Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or Regulatory or regulatory or regulatory or regulatory or regulatory or regulatory or subcontloit or Another, as we may require to cooperate and/or comply with one of their orders, instructions or directives or to fulfill any requirement under applicable laws. You declare and guarantee that you and your financial institution (s) are not subject to sanctions or otherwise designated on a list of parties prohibited or limited, or detained or controlled (e) by such a part, including, but without limiting itself, the lists held by the United Nations Security Council, the American government (for example, the list of specially designated nationals and the list of escape Foreign sanctions of the US Treasury Department and the list of entities of the US Commerce Department), the European Union or its Member States, or any other applicable government authority.

Policy relating to mobile applications

These directives for mobile applications ("directives for mobile applications") apply to the inclusion of special links in your approved mobile application. "We", "our" or "our" designates GoafPro.com, its partner sites or one of its affiliated companies, as the case may be. "You" designates the user agent of the associated account associated with the approved mobile application. All the capital terms used below which are not defined on this page have the meaning given to them in the operating agreement. The strict compliance with these guidelines on mobiles is required at any time, and any violation of these guidelines on mobiles will automatically end the operating contract.

Your mobile application:

must be downloaded for free and all recommendation links must be accessible without paying to access it;
must have original content;
must not imitate the functionality of the purchase application of our partner site (if applicable);
must not include a prices and/or alert monitoring functionality on prices, unless GoaffPro or its partner site has approved it in writing;
should not host or make web site web pages in webviews.

We can modify this mobile application policy at any time and our sole discretion by publishing a modification notice or a revised mobile application policy on the GoAffPro site or the partner site. If a modification is unacceptable for you, your only recourse is to put an end to your participation in the program. Your continuous inclusion of special links in your mobile application approved after our publication of a modification notice or a revised mobile application policy on the partner's website will constitute your binding acceptance of the modification.

We reserve the right, exercised in our sole discretion, to take appropriate measures against any use without authorization or any use not in accordance with this mobile application policy.


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