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Who am I?

I am Eva, the founder of "L'Atelier d'Eva" I offer a collection of Spiritual jewelry and well-being.

My shop is devoted to the balance between the beauty, THE well-being and the dimension spiritual, which manifests itself in each of my creations, carefully developed to transmit a subtle harmony.

I am delighted to welcome you here to share my passion for lithotherapy and the Benefits of stones, especially in the context of female well-being. My primary goal as a jewelry designer is to offer hope and natural solutions to women in maternity quest, while relieving the evils related to their femininity Daily, such as endometriosis, menstrual pain and migraines.

After being initiated into lithotherapy a few years ago, I chose to explore more by integrating spiritual elements in my creations. Thus, "L'Atelier d'Eva" today offers an exclusive collection of jewelry focused on well-being and the spirituality, each carefully selected for their beneficial properties.

My approach is to choose the most exceptional stones with various producers in India, At Brazil and at Sri Lanka, in order to offer you superior quality minerals at accessible prices. Each stone is meticulously inspected by me and transformed into jewelry in my workshop based in the south of France.

To date, "L'Atelier d'Eva" has designed more than 15,000 jewelry and brings together a committed community of more than 32,000 members on Facebook and 8,000 subscribers on Instagram.

I remain at your disposal to provide you with detailed information on the properties of the stones and guide you in the choice of a stone adapted to your needs.

I invite you to explore my universe, where the alliance between jewelry, well-being and spirituality creates an attractive harmony, likely to meet your expectations and perhaps even help you achieve your dearest wish.


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