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collier chaîne labradorite
pierre labradorite
collier labradorite
Bracelet chaine labradorite
collier chaîne labradorite
pierre labradorite
collier labradorite
Bracelet chaine labradorite

Labradorite necklace

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NECKLACE Labradorite

There Labradorite plays both the role of shield and sponge. Shield because in its presence, labradorite protects from the evils of others and sponge because It absorbs negative energies and dissolves them.
Labradorite in jewelry amplifies the gonna please to others. Labradorite is therefore Recommended for single people or in solitude.
She's there ideal stone Following big fatigue (intellectual or physical).
Labradorite is nicknamed the stone of the therapist ... It is an excellent stone if you work in the medical field as doctors, nurse, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists. It is the ideal stone for people taking care of others, because it has strong power of absorption of negative energies, the evils and sorrows of others.
 It is also a Permeable shield with good things, ideal to have on yourself if you exercise a profession in advice or social such as social workers, lawyers, judges ... It allows you to absorb the negative of the people with whom you are in contact with.

➢ The benefits of the labradorite stone :

  • Big protective power, it acts as a real shield Who absorbed and dissolves all kinds ofNegative energies.
  • She reduced also headache and relieves migraines And Ophthalmic migraines.
  • Rejuvenating effect both on the physical and mental level. Very useful when you are in a state ofexhaustion or that we feel fatigue, physically or emotionally, labradorite regeneration And revitalize.
  • Recommended particularly to hypersensitive people or people who work with public because it absorbs negative energies And makes it possible to blur them thus protecting your carrier. 
  • Recommended for lonely Who have trouble getting out of their comfort zone, in need of being secure.
  • She reinforcement THE immune system. She stimulates there bloodstream and contributes to the good health of the arteries.



  • Natural stone 
  • Provenance: India
  • Stone dimension: 9x13mm
  • 40cm necklace length
  • Detailed manual offered with each jewelry
  • Gift cover offered 


➢ What should I do before wearing my jewelry? 

➢  Eva's advice:

  • You can wear several stones at the same time But it will be necessary to balance the energies of the stones on the body with for example 1 bracelet on each wrist rather than the 2 on the same arm or 1 bracelet + 1 necklace.
  • To maintain the efficiency of your stone, purify it every week with natural incense propose ; and just after recharge it Using the flower of Life (Available in addition)


    Natural stones help improve your daily well-being but do not replace medical opinion and treatment adapted to your needs. 
    Each natural stone is unique, therefore, the color of the stone can vary from one jewel to another. 


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    ✓ Back : Have you been wrong in choosing a stone or your jewelry is not suitable for you? You just need to send it back to this address (at your expense in postage followed): the workshop of Eva 24A avenue de la Roseraie 34530 Florensac

    Do not hesitate to contact if you have questions !

    ✓ How to use stone? Find Our advice and information For to use At best your stone.

    ✓ How to purify and recharge stone? You will find all the information in the instructions accompanying your stone and on our recommendation page.

    ✓ Our advices : To maintain the efficiency of your stone, purify it every week with natural incense paper propose ; And just after recharge it using the flower of Life.
    Labradorite necklace

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