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Home energies cleaning

Home energies cleaning

Do you feel tired or depressed in certain rooms of your interior? Do you think a Cleaning the energies of your home stands out?

To do this, a great sorting in your belongings is essential. This is, to tell the truth, the best option to get rid of stagnant vibrations.

Here is a guide on toxins of a living space And how to say “goodbye” to bad waves for real !


The "toxins" of a living space

Did you know that your house or apartment could, like your body, accumulate toxins?

Yes, like an organism, an animal or a human being, a living space ... live! During its existence of useful or beautiful objects during its existence, it also absorbs unwanted elements which hinder its vitality. With the only difference that its toxins, instead of being organic, are made up of old fabrics, scaled colors and cracked wood.

Thus over time, without regular cleaning, objects and energies accumulate, stagnate and take dust. Bibelots, old clothes, sometimes even whole furniture is left out for the benefit of other objects, according to tastes and new habits.

All these daily "forgotten" find refuge in a corner of the room or at the bottom of a drawer, helping to block the Energies of your interior. A stagnation which, by preventing the new vibrations of circulating, obstructs physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

But first, what forms do these toxins take, exactly?

Everything we no longer use

During a lifetime, some objects lose their usefulness in favor of others, or are no longer necessary to us. However, it happens frequently that we keep these objects "just in case", or for the sole reason that they still work perfectly well.

We know very much, basically, that we will not use them anymore, and yet something prevents us from telling them "goodbye".

A difficulty in letting go which has a vibrational impact.

Thus, in addition to taking up space for nothing, this unused coffee machine, for example, does not fulfill its role. It contains a stagnant energy, because it no longer lives to satisfy its initial function, which is to prepare a good coffee!

This unused energy becomes toxin because it contributes to the non-circulation of House energies. 

Broken or unusable objects

Another source of energy toxin is found in broken or out of use objects.

Indeed, machines, devices, furniture and other broken utensils, and which remain the same, without repair, emit lower energy. Damaged on the physical level, they also have a vibrational break. Not ideal for the harmony of the house!

The best is either either to get rid of them, or to restore them, if this is still possible.

What no longer pleases the eyes and the heart

This is perhaps the most common toxin source in an interior ... Too often, we find ourselves surrounded by objects to which we no longer pay any attention and which do not satisfy us anymore, but which we have the greatest harm to separate us.

Think for example of this old sweater that drags at the bottom of your wardrobe, which you have not been wearing for a long time, but which you say to one day it could be used. Or to this table offered by a friend who does not like the least, but which you keep by courtesy.

So many elements, functional or decorative, which do not delight your eyes or your heart, and which nevertheless continue to occupy your living space. So many obstacles to a Fluid circulation of energies, and therefore to your inspiration and your inner peace!

What are the harmful effects of stagnant energies?

You may be wondering, now, how all these vibrational toxins affect us precisely.

Well, know that their harmful effects, although mild (an old teapot will not cause you wrong beyond!), Are multiple. We will therefore separate from them to warn, among other things:

  • Smells and colors that do not please us, or the accumulation of dust,
  • A melancholic return to the past,
  • Creative blockages and lack of inspiration.

On the body

The most obvious inconvenience caused by the root objects that pile up is the accumulation of dust and other substances harmful to the body.

This falls under the meaning: trinkets and gadgets left aside for a prolonged period are naturally covered with dirt. Some even develop even more harmful substances, such as mold.

As you certainly know, these substances can cause allergies, headaches and other conditions, minor but annoying.

The sources of energy toxins are therefore above all a source of physical toxins, a first reason to undertake a large cleaning!

In addition, objects that no longer have their place in our life also become unpleasant for our senses. Some can thus generate bad smells, or their appearance, which does not fit us anymore, becomes a real visual wound ...

On the mind

Broken objects, oldries and other trinkets also have several impacts on our psychological well-being.

Without our realizing it, these objects which take place unnecessarily with us also clutter our mind.

An overloaded living space tends to increase us.

As comfortable as their presence is, these objects keep us in old patterns that no longer serve us, and prevent us from evolving. Blocking the view, weighing on the senses, such accumulation also contributes to mental fog and the feeling of being overwhelmed with information.

In this state of mind, it is more difficult to see clearly on our needs and what we really want to welcome in our life!

Some objects have, moreover, an emotional connotation linked to the past, at a moment of our life that it would be good to leave behind ...

If it is healthy and legitimate to keep certain memories, it is also necessary, sometimes, to let go with a bygone phase of our existence so as not to switch to counter-productive melancholy ...

On the soul and the vibratory bodies

As the Feng shui We teaches it, what is in our living space has an influence on our well-being. This concerns the nature of the object as much as its provision.

Thus, broken or out-of-service objects have “dead” or stagnant energy which affects us vibrationally. In their presence, you can feel tired or depressed. Their harmful effects can also result in a lack of inspiration or creative energy.

Certain furniture or other elements with a heavy past can also weigh on our overall energy. Indeed, they carry within them the energy and emotional load linked to their experience, which has a negative effect on our subtle bodies. In fact, it's a bit like a part of us was energetically blocked in the past, making our growth more difficult.

The way these toxins are distributed also has particular effects on being, with notable physical and emotional symptoms.

Thus, when they accumulate above us, in the attic, for example, they generate an energy overload which literally "weighs" on our mind. Their heavy presence can also result in headache.

If these accumulations are in the entrance, place where the energies Enter and go out to constantly renew themselves, they limit the flow of life in an interior, generating all kinds of blockages in its inhabitants.

When they are scattered all over the house, they promote mental fog and a feeling of being emotionally outdated. Left back on the ground, they draw our energies down.

In short, you will understand, whether it is to get rid of an object with the unpleasant presence or to clean excessive accumulations, it is always wise to purify an overloaded space!

Ready for the big cleaning?


How to clean your interior and renew the energies?

It is legitimate to wonder How to purify your house Effectively, especially since effective cleaning requires acting as much energy as it is physical.

Here are some tracks to boost negative or stagnant waves out of your walls, for good!

Some questions to ask to promote detachment:

Before embarking on the purification of your interior to permanently evacuate toxins and invite new energies, some preliminary questions are essential.

Indeed, getting rid of certain objects, as unsightly or unusable as they are, is not so simple! Often, part of us refuses to let go, for example due to an emotional attachment to the object, or erroneous beliefs.

So ask yourself the following questions, to make a first mental sorting, soften your mind and prepare yourself psychologically to detach yourself from your oldries:

- Why do I keep this? What does this object bring me on the psychological or functional level? Do I already have one or more objects fulfilling this function?

-Does this object have something to do with the person I am today, or with the person I want to be? Does this object look like me?

- By separating from this object, what will I especially feel? Sadness ? Regret? Or relief, joy or lightness? 

If other questions come to you to promote this preliminary work to let go, do not hesitate to note them.

Once your questions are written on a piece of paper, try to answer it as honestly as possible. For each object on which you have doubts, take a moment to sound internally and listen to your real feelings.

Sort :

  • A question of organization:

Now is the time to take action, and finally get rid of your interior of everything that clings it!

To do this, the easiest way is to do part per piece. For example, start with the living room, before going to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms, and finally the storage rooms.

In each room, reason "decreasing": from the largest element to the smallest. Thus, in the bedroom for example, take care of the cabinets first before going to less important furniture. Finish with drawers and other small storage spaces.

Throughout your hardware cleaning, keep in mind that the general idea is to simplify your living space and create, for each room, a place that you like and resembles you. A place that you will be happy to occupy and use.

For example, for your room, take this opportunity to make your ideal sleep space, where everything invites you to have a good night. For the kitchen, create a place where you will prepare beautiful, nourishing dishes that will make you good, you and your loved ones. And so on !

But back to details: for each object, utensil or garment collected, ask yourself in the first place the questions mentioned above.

Then determine what you want to do with the object in question: give it, throw it, repair or sell it? We suggest that you prepare four containers (bags or boxes) for each parts, with the corresponding mention.

  • What to become for each object? ::

The goods to be thrown are those who are no longer in working order, or too damaged to be used. Or, those you feel deep inside that they have served their mission, and that it is now time to recycle. A good passage through the local recycling center will ensure a clean end of life adapted to each type of object.

Take the opportunity to also get rid of the old paper and other trash that you have kept mechanically.

For an object in good condition, but which you no longer use, why not just donate it? He will find a second life with a happy buyer! Think of socially useful organizations such as the Salvation Army, which distribute donations at very low prices from those who need it most.

If you believe that your object has a monetary value, do not hesitate to sell it via a specialized site or application. Leboncoin for furniture, or Etsy for vintage clothes, for example, will help you find a buyer in no time.

Finally, if you come across an object that you really like or could be useful to you, but that is damaged, place it in the “repair” battery. Whether you call on a pro or you yourself have handyman talents. Home energies By putting this object back into service!

Whatever the destiny of your object, if you wish, take a time to thank him for having been useful to you.

Whether it is a used blender, an outdated sculpture or an old shirt, each element has, at some point, made life more beautiful. Expressing your gratitude to him is a nice way to fuck your experience with him energetically.

Palo Santo sticks

Purify the energies of the house

Have you finally reached the end of your big cleaning? First of all, we want to congratulate you: sorting is not an obvious process!

The last step for purify the energies of the house is to make a Energy cleaning In places where physical cleaning took place. Wherever your ancient objects have occupied a place, it is now time to dispel the residual waves and relaunch the energy flow.

Use the millennial method of Palo Santo cleaning. In addition to chasing the fragments of withdrawn, it will dissipate the vibrational disorders left by your oldries after their departure.


The benefits of energy cleaning

Shortly after Energy cleaning of your home, you will undoubtedly notice its many positive effects on your well-being.

Thus, on the physical level, your large household will be able to give rise to increased vitality, better sleep or a feeling of relaxation. Perhaps you will even feel like you are better breathing, because you will have literally freed space and air allowed to circulate.

Psychologically, you will feel lightened, even relieved once this material overload has taken off. You could also experience a feeling of inner peace, euphoria, or see your creativity soaring! During activities requiring your attention, it will also be easier for you to concentrate, and thoughts will circulate more easily.

Overall, an interior cleaned with everything that clogs it will allow good circulation of energies and therefore better overall health.

It will also be a reflection of the person you really are, and in that, will become for you a space for healing, regeneration and constant inspiration ...

So in your boxes and Palo Santo sticks, and that the big Cleaning the energies of your home begin !

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