The Flower of Life

What is the flower of life ?

    The flower of life is a design that has been used for several millennia, by many populations. It is difficult to know its exact origin: this symbol was found in Egyptian temples, for example. It is a symbol that is often linked to the sacred, to the spiritual, to beliefs. It is also used as a decoration.

    The flower of life is composed of several circles of the same size, linked together by their centers.

    Thus, you can use the flower of life to recharge stones, but not only: it is also useful with food, water or health products ...

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    • Why and how does the Flower of Life recharge stones?

    The flower of life has a geometric shape ideal for recharging stones. The recharging is done through the vibratory frequencies of the flower, which are powerful.

    Recharging with the flower of life is a quick and easy method. You do not need to place your stones in the sun or under the moon. This method is also recommended for fragile minerals, whose color can easily be altered.

    • How to use the flower of life with stones?

    Concretely you can put one or more stones on the flower of life. Leave it on for a whole night and it will be recharged the next morning...

    You can recharge several stones at the same time on the flower of life.

    • Why do we need to purify the stones, and how?

    Before arriving at you: your stone in the form of jewelry has been handled by several people and it is advisable to remove the negative influences which it was charged.
    This is why it is necessary topurify your stone and then to recharge so that it finds its full effectiveness.
    • When to purify the stones?

    Regularly: that is to say every 8 to 10 days if you wear your stone every day

    Small reminder to know:

      Stones are alive and change as they are used: they change colour, crack, and can even lose their properties if they are overused.
      But if you take good care of them and send them positive energy, they will retain it and be able to give it back to you.

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