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collier pierre de lune
Collier pierre de lune
Collier chaine pierre de lune
Parure pierre de lune
collier pierre de lune
Collier pierre de lune
Collier chaine pierre de lune
Parure pierre de lune


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Adjustable golden chain pendant necklace with its MOON STONE


━ The benefits of moonstone 

  • It’s a stone that goes stimulate fertility, to carry on yourself permanently when you try to make a baby and that he is long overdue. 
  • During pregnancy : She Protect pregnancy And soothing mothers a little too worried for their future child, an effective stone against acidic lifts... it facilitates a childbirth.... after childbirth Maintenance lactation. 
  • Relieves them painful periodsirregular Or abundant.
  • Alleviates the effects of menopause 
  • Recommended for women withendometriosispolycystic ovaries
  • Moonstone rebalances hormones In the body of the woman = she helps to fight against the weaknesses of the thyroid 
  • Ideal for the problems of constipation 
  • She soothing THE hyperactive children and recommended for improve THE baby sleep 
  • Moonstone is emotional: it contributes to conjugal happiness, relations with his loved ones. 


━ Characteristics ━

  • Natural stone 
  • Provenance: Sri Lanka
  • Stone dimension: 9x13mm
  • 40cm necklace length
  • Detailed manual offered with each jewelry
  • Gift cover offered



━ What should I do before wearing my jewelry? ━

━ Our advice ━

  • You can wear several stones at the same time But it will be necessary to balance the energies of the stones on the body with for example 1 bracelet on each wrist rather than the 2 on the same arm or 1 bracelet + 1 necklace.
  • To maintain the efficiency of your stone, purify it every week with natural incense propose ; and just after recharge it Using the flower of Life (Available in addition)
Natural stones help improve your daily well-being but do not replace medical opinion and treatment adapted to your needs. 
Each natural stone is unique, therefore, the color of the stone can vary from one jewel to another.  
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Do not hesitate to contact if you have questions !

✓ How to use stone? Find Our advice and information For to use At best your stone.

✓ How to purify and recharge stone? You will find all the information in the instructions accompanying your stone and on our recommendation page.

✓ Our advices : To maintain the efficiency of your stone, purify it every week with natural incense paper propose ; And just after recharge it using the flower of Life.

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