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Bola de grossesse argenté cœur
Bola de grossesse argenté cœur
Bola de grossesse argenté cœur
Bola de grossesse argenté cœur
Bola de grossesse argenté cœur
Bola de grossesse argenté cœur

Heart -silver pregnancy bola

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👣🤰 Heart -silver pregnancy bola 👣🤰

The Bola jewel on its long stainless silver chain rests on the stomach of the pregnant woman. To each of his movements, he emits a nice sound thanks to his ball integrated into the heart pendant to soothe the baby in utero.
It is a real link between your baby and you.
It is an accessory that highlights the belly of the future mother and her maternity clothes.
It is a very nice gift to afford or offer to a future mother.


➢ Characteristics of the pregnancy bola:

  • Stainless silver chain length: 110 centimeters
  • Dimensions of the heart pendant: 2cm high x 2.9cm wide
  • Organza gift cover offered


➢ When you have to wear a Pregnancy bola:

Opinions converge to say that the pregnancy pendant is effective from the start of pregnancy And precisely to the 19th or 20th week of pregnancy. During this period, the baby will start to hear the sounds that surround him and so the tingling of the bola.

The jewel is made up of a decorative envelope and a internal musical bell. The tintements of the bellie produce a melody thanks to small balls locked up in the bell. To attract the attention of the baby, justGently shake the bell to the belly.

The baby will be surprised by the tingling of the pregnancy bell, but over the months it will to get used to to sound, which goes to him become familiar. The sound of the pregnancy bola is rather soft, pleasant. He tends to calm and soothe the child, even in utero. We advise to carry the pendant to the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy (even if wearing it before does not pose any concern!).


➢ Recommended maintenance for your bola:

Avoid putting it in contact with water, body cream or perfume that could alter the beauty of your bola.
Jewelry does not contain lead, nickel or cadium.


➢ Why wear a pregnancy bola?

Pregnancy bola or maternity jewelry is an elegant Round and sound jewelry Who rests on the belly of the future mother, as close as possible to her baby. He dances and emits a subtle tingling according to the movements of the pregnant woman. In utero, your little one gradually becomes familiar with this delicate sound, he will become for him a real benchmark, a soothing and reassuring sound imprint. After his birth, this delicate melody recognized by your newborn baby gives him calm, well-being and appeasement, memory of the well-being of his uterine life.

Beyond its reassuring qualities for infants, Pregnancy bola, little sound companion is also a jewel with a strong message for future mothers. Like an amulet, it accompanies you at the heart of this precious moment of life: maternity. He will become the symbol of this strong link which preciously unites a mother and her child.


    Find our blog article here On the benefits of bola for the future mother and the baby.  

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