Adjustable black nylon strap

6.00 €


We propose you to sublimate and emphasize your stone or simply to replace your elastic bracelet:

The bracelet (sold without stone) is in black braided nylon with its golden brass beads.

This new bracelet does not change the effectiveness of your stone!

It is adjustable thanks to its sliding knot which will allow you to adjust the length of the bracelet.

If you already have an elastic bracelet from our shop: it is very easy to put it in place on your stone with the help of tweezers or flat edge pliers following the explanations below.

This bracelet can be worn on a normal size ankle.

Quantity: 1 bracelet
Colour: Black and gold
Material: Nylon and Brass

This nylon braided bracelet is not suitable to be worn on the ankle.

1/ You need a pair of tweezers or 1 small flat-edged pair of DIY tweezers + your stone + the black nylon bracelet (represented on the photo by the gold chain bracelet)

2/ and 3/ Insert one of the loops of the black nylon bracelet in one of the 2 eyelets of the stone

4/ and 5/ Gently close the loop of the black nylon bracelet with the tweezers

6/ Insert the other loop of the nylon bracelet into the other eyelet of the stone

7/ The loop of the black nylon bracelet is ready to be closed with the tweezers

8/ Your bracelet is ready!
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