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What stones to make your exams succeed?

What stones to make your exams succeed?

Passing an exam or going to a job interview can be an important source of Stress and anxiety.

A real issue in a professional and personal curriculum, these tests imply a judgment and an external look at your image and your knowledge.

Consequently, these challenges become difficult, even insurmountable to face for some of us. Especially when you are young or lack self -confidence.
Above all, Stay Zen ! By surrounding yourself with a few magic and virtuous stones, you will be ready for D -Day.


Why do we stress before an interview or an exam?

During a job interview, our way of being and our knowledge is scrutinized. In fact, we will reduce not to be up to the task and not to provide the right answers to the recruiter's questions.

For an examination, this is the black hole effect in front of the white leaf or in front of the jury that paralyze us. We feared losing our means, having a lesser concentration and not to express ourselves adequately. However, it is at this precise moment that we must mobilize all our capacities.

Stress is a natural and positive feeling because it is witness to our desire for success. However, it must be dominated and measured so as not to be an obstacle to our objectives.


What stones surround themselves on D -Day?

You have unsuspected strengths in you! And lEs crystals will help you deploy them!

Depending on their composition and crystallization, they will influence strong energies in various physical or psychic places. This holistic therapy by stones will help you manage your emotions on the long term without be through drugs.

For example, stones will help you focus, has speak with ease, at Clarify your ideas and at channel your anxieties. They will also be real lucky charm and will bring you luck and success Thanks to their positive and winning waves.


- Stones for concentration -

This charged stone positive waves go stimulate your memory and help you maintain a high attention During your exam. She has the capacity to distribute around her, a halo of serenity and of fullness. Thus, your concentration and creativity will be optimal.

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-The stones for self-esteem

It's a rock solar and especially positive. It strengthens the self-confidenceself-esteem, personality as well as intuition. If you vulnerable, has doubt youundecided During a decision to be made, this stone will help you see more clearly ...

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Citrine bracelets

In addition to increasing Self-confidence, it is a stone that gives courage and allows you to better manage events and emotions.

She also helps to make decisions, has to assume their responsibilities and to act constructively and efficiently.

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- Stones to manage stress -

This harmony is a real anti -stress and helps to resolve emotional blockages. It transforms bad energies into positive waves, so you will feel free from all tensions.

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- Stone to attract luck -

It’s a lucky stone that likes to seduce luck. Let it guide you in the orientation of your choices and your decisions, it will offer you the opportunity to open new doors 

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The stones will interact with you on the energy, psychic, physical and chemical level. They will help you do your internal path and understand your emotions to be able to control them.
It is the fulfillment of a fight with yourself, which will allow you to achieve your goals and the crystals will be faithful and precious partners in your quest for success.


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