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3 crystals to make your mom happy!

3 crystals to make your mom happy!
Do you know the crystals that make mothers happy? Mother's Day is fast approaching and it's time to learn! The natural stones listed below gain popularity each year at Mother's Day.

ūüíóQuartz Rose - Warm and sweet love stone:

Rose quartz braceletsTHE pink quartz retains its popularity over the decades. This healing crystal connects to our heart chakra to improve care and love. Emitting a very soft vibration, being in the presence of this stone very quickly gives a feeling of well-being as we can feel when we are surrounded by relatives. This energy is therefore ideal for all those who wish relax Or evacuate their stress.

Why is Rose Quartz a stone for Mother's Day? Simply because it amounts to offering An intention full of love for our mom. Being a mother is tiring. This requires a large amount of emotional energy and time. Mothers often feel exhausted at the end of the day. The pink quartz will act as a precious little help in order to soften each day. 

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ūüíõCitrine - Creativity stone, self -confidence:

Citrine bracelets

There Citrine gives mom the pleasure she may need while helping her be more confident. The precious yellow stone resonates with our solar plexus chakra where we have passion and creative energies. Our connection there helps us to express what we feel in a fun way. Consequently, we become more sure of them by sharing our creative ideas. Our self -confidence leads to abundance and relief of stress. 

Why is Mother's Day and Citrine going hand in hand? Each person needs a creative outlet. It includes mom with her crazy and intense life. A creative outlet helps her to release the stress she acquires throughout the day. In addition, his manufacture of an artistic world leads her to feel more sure of herself and to call abundance to her.

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ūüĖ§Moonstone- female energy stone, centering:

Moonstone bracelets

We must always keep the best for the end - and in this case, it is the moon stone ! This stone helps to focus and refocus our emotions in balancing our female energy With our male energy. In today's society, we often focus on the production and achievement of objectives. To meet our expectations, we must use male energy to advance with speed and efficiency. This often leaves our female sides ignored and created an inner imbalance. By carrying the moonstone, we help restore our balance and create a more focused self. 

Why is the moonstone suitable for Mother's Day? Simple answer - His atmosphere is "mom". The crystal represents Female energy. The mother uses female energy to provide the emotional, mental and physical force necessary to raise a child. The moonstone helps mothers to do what they need to grow physically, give birth and raise a happy and healthy child. This is why the moonstone is the traditional stone of maternity and future mothers.

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Now that you know the 3 stones of Mother's Day, which corresponds to your mom? Do you still doubt? Please consult our Collection of bracelets by benefits !

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