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Stones for Libido-le Complete Guide

Stones for Libido-le Complete Guide

A small drop in libido you are tapping? You would like gain confidence in bed ? Or, do you need a little support to recover from sex -related injuries?

Call on Stones for libido and sexuality ! Their comforting, regenerating and invigorating energies will help you cultivate a sex life that YOU correspond.

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How can Libido stones boost your sex life?

What is a happy sexuality, do you think?

A moment of Connection with his/his partner, or with yourself? A space ofExploration of his desires ? A peaceful and confident relationship to sex? No sex at all (and is it very good)?

Whatever your vision of ideal sex life, it seems important to us to remember that in this matter, there is no standard to which to comply. As long as the needs and limits of all stakeholders are respected, everyone lives their sexuality as they see fit.

Nevertheless, in our society conditioned by many taboos, it is very common to develop feelings of shame and guilt around sex. You can also feel repressed, even anxious about the only idea of ​​an intimate moment with someone else or with you.

Some sexual troubles physical can also limit us, whether caused by psychological blockages, hormonal disturbances or purely "mechanical" dysfunctions.

That you want to harmonize your Sex relation, deepen your Connection with your darling, Or boost your libido And become a genius of the galiolies, know that the stones can help you.

Indeed, in addition to other approaches, such as therapy or medical support, it is possible to call on the beneficial energies of the crystals to (re) find happiness and peace on the sexual level.


Physical plan

On the physical level, crystals can bring you Relief, healing and stimulation different ways.

As you know, because of their color, their variety and their crystal structure, the stones vibrate at a certain frequency. They thus emit pure energy, corresponding to a state of harmony and vitality. Applied to a part of the sick or blocked body, this energy “recalls” the body to its optimal operating state, and therefore promotes remission or unlocking.

THE Stones for sexuality work according to the same principle. Each in their own way, they participate in sexual health, for example by promoting hormonal balance, healing any injuries in this area or a good functioning of the sexual organs. Others contribute to the circulation and expression of thesexual energy In the body, thus stimulating desire and encouraging a harmonious relationship to sex.

Be careful, however: nothing replaces good medical support! Whatever your sexual or health problem in general, use your lithotherapy stones only in addition to your doctor's advice.


Mental/emotional plan

As we said earlier, the stones vibrate on their own energy. This unique vibration also has an effect on mental and emotional spheres, promoting for example the appeasement of harmful thoughts or the evacuation of blocked emotions.

Their influence on the mind can therefore be mobilized to defuse the limiting or harmful interior patterns that we maintain vis-à-vis sex. Their vibration can for example inspire us with a healthier perception of our own sexuality. It can also help us relax and lower our defenses with our partner.

If blockages or discomfort around sex are linked to trauma, the stones can still help us by accompanying us in the healing of these interior injuries. Their compassionate energy then enjoins us to show ourselves to ourselves patience: these difficulties are in no way of our fault, and exceeding them requires above all our own benevolence.

Finally, certain stones, conducive to inner evolution, can support us in the field of sex in Gently opening our perception. In their presence, we can become receptive to new ideas, to let go little by little with the possible mental limits which prevent us from living our sexuality fully.


Spiritual and vibratory plan

On the spiritual and energetic level, the stones will also assist you in the field of sexuality thanks to their beneficial waves.

Thus, some Libido stones act directly on chakras related to sexual energy, especially the sacred chakra. This action on these energy centers allows for example the Unlocking physical, psychological or vibratory problems around sex.

Sometimes, a sexual imbalance, whether physical or emotional, can also be linked to negative energies present in subtle bodies. The purifying energy of certain crystals can help dissipate these pollution to promote vibrant sexual health.

It is a powerful means of connection with his partner, a sacred moment of sharing where the energies of each converge and mix.


The best stones for libido

Cornaline stone :

Corneline stone for libido

There cornear East there Pierre for libido par excellence. With its orange -raising, it acts directly on the sacred chakra, Center for Life forces. Its vibration tends to awaken this energy center to become aware of your own desire, and to learn to feed it. Ideal for (r)Light the passion fire in the couple, but also to maintain a fiery blaze in bed!


Moonstone :

Moonstone for libido


With its pearly and feminine energy, the sweet moon stone will link you to Feminine sacred In you. It will assist you to develop benevolence and openness to your sexuality. Pierre de l ’female, it will also be ideal for relieving physical ailments and blockages in this area of ​​the body. Also use her for link you to your desires and your intuition : She will be a precious guide to discover you on a sexual level, and this without taboo.


The pink quartz stone

Pink quartz stone for libido

Sweet as an embrace, the pink quartz will accompany you on a sexual level by enveloping yourself in his energy of love and benevolence. It will be excellent support for stable or long -standing couples who wish deepen their connection. Thanks to this crystal, you will fully open yourself to love energies that vibrate between you and your lover. You will maintain a deep and tender desire for this latter (era), and your cuddly moments will become delicious moments of sensuality.


The tiger eye stone

Tiger eye bracelet for libido

Inner power stone, theEye of tiger will help you cultivate Confidence and power in the sphere of sex. Take in particular with shimmering stone to Overcome your insecurity around intimacy Or your body, for example. The crystal will make you aware of your sex appeal, reminding you of everything that makes your desirability. Also ideal for those who would like to spice up their naughty moments with games of domination.


How to use the Libido stones?

To fully enjoy the beneficial energies of Libido stones, you can use 2 methods.

In particular, use these crystals in:

  • Carrying them on you,
  • Meditating near them.


Soak up their energies

To benefit from crystal energies, it is most often recommended to carry them on yourself or put them in direct contact with the body. 

Argue your Libido stones in the form of jewelry. A necklace, a lithotherapy stone bracelet has the advantage of filling you with good energies, while adding an elegant and colorful touch to your look.


Meditate in their presence

Meditating regularly with one or more stones is another excellent way to draw on their energy or set an intention from a specific area.

To do this, first choose your Pierre for libido, the one who will best help you and provide for your needs of the moment.

Then, in a comfortable position and your stone in one hand, take several ventral breaths, to refocus.

Then, visualize a light or an energy emanating from your stone. Imagine that This light penetrates your body to remove any blockages or dissipate the physical/emotional disorders that prevent you from flourishing sexually.

Oddenly, let any emotion cross, by feeling it fully. Tremble, cry, make sounds with your voice: any physical manifestation of your emotion is welcome.

If you wish it, Formulate an intention for your sex life. It can be to gradually find your sensations in bed, to feel more comfortable with your partner, or to allow yourself to explore your fantasies and desires. Finally imagine that the energy of stone supports and accompanies you with this intention, even after this meditation.

Thank the stone, thank yourself for your presence, and finish your meditation.

So ready to cultivate a sex life that suits you and satisfies you ? Immerse yourself in the voluptuous energy of Libido stones… And, if you liked this article, share it with your friends. We bet they too would be happy to know more! 

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