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What stones for nursing staff?

What stones for nursing staff?

Are you a nursing personal in search of lithotherapy stone to accompany you throughout your day and help you in your practice?

The use of lithotherapy (Benefits of the stones) is often criticized because it is based on non -visible action mechanisms. Many Cartesians like to think that matter stops where we no longer see it. Out, We emit a whole field of electromagnetic waves, because we are energy beings.

Around our physical envelope, there are energy envelopes that capture a lot of information. This is often what we let's call THE sixth Sense. This feeling of attraction or repulsion that brings us information before we even start to speak or know the person.

These subtle energies that compose us enclose valuable information on our emotional, mental and physical state. By acting on these energetic envelopes, we will act in the heart of physical bodies. The path starts from the outside to the inside. The information given to our energy envelope thanks to stone, will support our physical body and make improvements.

We let you test for yourself because the purpose of this article is not to convince. Know that the more you are closed to the energy message than there is around you, the less you will perceive the benefits of the stones.


Here are the 2 stones you can wear daily in a pocket of your blouse, your pants or jewelry. For more discretion you can wear the elastic bracelet to the ankle


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    Labradorite lithotherapy bracelets

    ’Is the stone of the" caregiver " par excellence (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, magnetizers, etc.), we give it virtues protector in the face of negative energies that emerge from sick or unhappy people, that is to say in energy imbalanceShe protects against the discomfort of others.

    Discovery in Labrador (Continental Region of the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador) hence its name, it will support you in your profession of caregiver, in your emphatic posture and your listening qualities.

    There Labradorite plays both the role of shield and sponge. Shield because in its presence, labradorite protects from the evils of others and sponge because It absorbs negative energies and dissolves them.

    She is disintegrating, and You can wear it when fatigue, or exhaustion. The ideal is to always have it in contact with your skin by carrying it to the ankle for example if you cannot wear a bracelet. 

    Labradorite in jewelry amplifies the gonna please to others. Labradorite is therefore Recommended for single people or in solitude.
     It is also a Permeable shield with good things, ideal to have on yourself if you exercise a profession in advice or social such as social workers, lawyers, judges ... It allows you to absorb the negative of the people with whom you are in contact with.


    Link here Towards the store to order your bracelet/necklace 

    Roche crystal stone bracelet

    The rock crystal Open the mind to new ideas. Whoever wears it facilitates his mind to be interested in new conceptions. Be careful hang well, It is an ideal stone for stubborn and Cartesians !!! And you know there are full in your services!

    It influences the coronal chakra and it therefore allows a good opening at the head, understand well an opening to subtle, spiritual perceptions.

    You can carry it punctually or associated with a stone. Indeed stones potentiate their effects in contact with rock crystal. It is often interesting to carry the rock crystal in addition to its stone so that it is even more effective !

    People who are already very open and sensitive can be disturbed by the rock crystal which will further strengthen these aspects. To be used sparingly ...

    It discharges under the smoke of natural incense for 2 to 3 minutes and recharges in daylight/ sun hang 2 to 3 hours.


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