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The properties and benefits of the tiger eye

The properties and benefits of the tiger eye

What does the tiger eye fascinate, what does it mean? What are its benefits ? 


It is called Eye of tiger Because it looks like the eye of a tiger or a cat. It is golden brown-brown in color.

If you are interested in getting a stone ofEye of tiger But that you are not sure what it is for, know that it is unot stone which amplifies and stimulates the energies of other stones.

It is the ideal stone if you are looking for balance and harmony in your life. You may have the impression of losing control of one aspect of your life because you are too busy managing another.

It is a great stone to associate with your other stones with which She will magnify the effects.

It will be the perfect stone for you If it is a question of restoring balance in your life, helping you make the right decisions, from you protect bad influences or for you give confidence to any test.

She is also a good stone to help release your fears and anxieties. It is the stone that can give you courage, strength of mind and self -confidence to face everything that presents itself to you.

It will help you reach your goals Because your concentration and creativity will be greatly improved. You will be filled with confidence and optimism, and any feeling of lack or incompetence will be dissipated. 

Tiger's eye also improves your sense of self-esteem, to become a goodwill ambassador, to help others and to inspire them.

The benefits of the tiger eye bracelet

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How can the tiger eye help you? 

1. HEALING And health by THE EYE Tiger

    Not only Tiger's eye is a stone that can amplify the energies of other stones with which it comes into contact, but its healing energies can also cure diseases or relieve pain in the human body.

    Heard well, it should in no case replace an appropriate medical treatment, but it will also surprise you with the many benefits that this stone can bring to your body!

    • Protective and powerful stone…. It is a remarkable jewel for its complementary virtues and sublime colors.
    • The tiger eye is the main protective stone, it gives self -confidence And It returns negative energies as a mirror. It is very useful for people who find it difficult to make decisions.
    • Wear this bracelet and you will immediately feel a feeling of inner strength invade you. You will be armed with a real Shield against any negative energy.
    • L'Tiger eye has a mirror effect: he reflects negative energies to its transmitter. Therefore, he has a protective effect And, in a way, educational: he is aware of the evil that an ill -intentioned person gives his entourage by making him undergo.
    • He given of energy and dynamism, the sense of contact with others, THE sense of friendship.
    • He also gives a big independence of mind, of autonomy, freedom to think, with a large strength of character, of the self-confidence And a lot of flexibility.
    • Recommended for athletes : pTo tone up and strengthen musculature. This protective stone, balanced and of courage helps develop musculature and prevent side points.


    2. Tiger eye protective shield

    It is known as a formidable bulwark against negativity and protects you from oppressive atmospheres. 

    Warning on a psychically negative use of the tiger eye: 
    As defined previously, it is an extremely powerful natural stone, particularly in terms of self -confidence but also as a protective shield. It is suitable for this last anti -negativity property to act as a carrier with benevolence and not with resentment or hatred.

    Indeed, Tiger's eye tends to send you the charge in case of bad thoughts.

    Morality : Compassion and forgiveness will be required for its use towards your "attackers", the tiger eye takes care of your protection with good intentions. 


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