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The properties and benefits of the citrine stone

The properties and benefits of the citrine stone

Its pretty name, sparkling and soft at the same time, is perfectly suitable for this crystal carrying light and appeasement. The yellow color of natural citrine has all the nuances: light, orange or even brown ocher such as Madeira Citrine very popular formerly.


The properties and benefits of the citrine stone

Meaning of the word citrine:

Its name comes from the Latin "citrus" which designates, not exactly the lemon, another derivative, but the cedratier who also produces yellow citrus. The term would come from Greek Kédros, “Cedar”, and also designated Thuya wood (which is itself sometimes called “cedar”, in Canada in particular).


Today we find the Latin root citrus in the words lemon, lemon tree, lemongrass, But also in pumpkin and city pumpkin (old name of lemon balm which gives a yellow infusion).

Before being the name of a precise mineral, citrine And citrin were color adjectives. We thus find, in old medical works, the indications of the "Citrine ointment" or "the citrin ointment".

In ancient times, our citrine was simply designated as a "citrine stone" among other minerals of yellow color. This vagueness is a source of confusion and makes the identification of the citrines which we find many traces in history are hazardous. Be that as it may, the rare yellow quartz known today under the name of Citrine has been used since the dawn of time for its beauty and its properties.


  • Citrine virtues in lithotherapy

Citrine bracelets

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Citrine charms us first with its cheerful and toned color.
It immediately brings the well-being of sunny days. 
Yellow represents light and life; This color unconsciously attracts us.
This is a phenomenon noted in particular by marketing services: an advertising offer printed on yellow paper will release feedback higher than other colors. However, few people interviewed on their favorite color will spontaneously respond "yellow".


  • Citrine benefits at the physical level

Citrine is beneficial to the entire digestive system.  She has a positive action on all kinds of affections: nauseavomiting, stomach, food poisoning, diabetes, Liver disruption.

Its beneficial action also relates to the heart, the blood circulation, the thyroid gland, the pancreas, the intestine, the kidneys. It strengthens metabolism, and gives energy and vigor to the body. Citrine is also renowned for its ability to regenerate tissues. It accelerates the natural processes of the self-healing (Even if it means increasingly increasing symptoms).


  • Emotional citrine benefits

Citrine is a solar stone, bright and warm, extremely positive and energizing. It increases the self-confidence And self-esteem, promotes well-being and reduces stress. It is renowned for its ability to balance energies and fight depression and sadness, anxieties and worries.

Citrine brings lucidity to those who lack it. It has a calming effect capable of eating the anger and disagreements. Finally, it promotes Listening, opening and serenity in relations with others.

  • The benefits of citrine in daily life

Citrine stimulates the creativity And brings inspiration. It strengthens concentration and constitutes an excellent stone for the creator. It promotes understanding, study, memory, and facilitates the transmission of knowledge.

Citrine strengthens the dynamism and motivation. It helps make decision -making and initiative. It strengthens individuality, and insensitizing negative criticism, and helps to develop optimism and a positive vision of the future.


  • Citrine purification and recharge


Upon receipt of your jewelry and before wearing it for the first time :

 it will be necessaryMrsetically 
Purify + recharge your stone
⬇️ Following these 2 steps ⬇️    

STEP 1 PURIFY your stone with natural incense 



2ND STEP : Recharge your stone (according to the indications described in the documentation accompanying your stone)



⛔ Born never use water ⛔ for the purification of your stone in the form of jewelry: at the risk of damaging The golden strapping andalleviate.


 The stones are alive and transform as they use : they change their shade, crack, and can even lose their properties if they are too asked.
But if you maintain them well and send them positive energy, they will keep it and will be able to return it to you.


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