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The properties and benefits of pink quartz

The properties and benefits of pink quartz
Considered the crystal of love for several centuries, pink quartz spreads throughout the world.
The beauty of its color makes this mineral the favorite of the jewelers. But decorating jewelry and works of art is not its only use! Discover all the benefits of pink quartz on the body, the heart and the mind.
  • Where does the name Quartz Rose come from?

Quartz comes from the term “quaterz” which means “bad minerals”. In the Middle Ages, the quartz designation brought together all the crystals, regardless of their composition.

It was in the 16th century that a German scientist decided that Quartz would only designate rock crystals. A hypothesis then explains that Quartz would be a derivative of the German word “Gewärz” which means outgrowth.

At the start of its story over 7,000 years ago, the Rose Quartz had different names. This could vary between bohemian ruby, ruby ​​from Ancona and sometimes ruby ​​of Silesia. These terms therefore designated pink quartz before the appearance of the word quartz.


  • History & origin of pink quartz

In the time of the Pharaohs, Rose quartz had the reputation of fighting against the aging of the skin. The Egyptians used it in powder to eliminate wrinkles. This stone also played an important role in the body healing process.

For the ancient Romans and Greeks, Rose quartz came from the gods of love Amor and Eros. The appearance of this mineral on earth was to give the peoples love and peace. Another legend of Greek mythology says that the pink quartz comes from Aphrodite. Her beautiful Adonis being attacked by a boar, she rushed to save him. By scratching in the brambles, his blood mingled with that of Adonis. This mixture of blood gave life to pink quartz.

Pink quartz is mainly formed in magmatic rocks, such as pegmatites. The main deposits of this stone are in India and Sri Lanka. They are also found in Madagascar, the United States and Southwest Africa. But The first pink quartz producer country is Brazil.


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Pink quartz properties

  • Physical properties

The sweetness of pink quartz is beneficial for the skin. The stone is used directly in contact with the skin to soothe burns. By draining blood circulation, pink quartz helps reduce the effects of the Blues. It is also a stone renowned for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

This mineral helps regulate endocrine disorders. Thanks to its moderating action on blood pressure, The pink quartz strengthens the heart and accompanies the elimination of toxins. These benefits also help reduce the effects of stress -related ulcers.

The quarter pink protects the lungs and facilitates a soft and serene breathing. His energies go Promote the proper functioning of the respiratory system. The pink quartz will also act on headaches to reduce them.


  • Psychic properties

This healing stone symbolizes unconditional love and provides security, tenderness and comfort. It often accompanies children in the form of jewelry to reassure them. Parents cannot always be available. The pink quartz will lead them to be serene and feel loved.

The pink color of this mineral also has soothing properties. Pink quartz helps reduce stress and minimizes harmful effects on the body. This stone will therefore lead you to find inner peace. Thanks to this, relationships with others are naturally done.

In addition to curing physical ills, pink quartz also acts on mental pain. This stone helps overcome love sorrows and anxiety attacks. His benevolent waves reinforce the feeling of love that lies dormant in each of us.


The stones are alive and transform as they use : they change their shade, crack, and can even lose their properties if they are too asked.
But if you maintain them well and send them positive energy, they will keep it and will be able to return it to you.


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