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Benefits of the Hematite stone

Benefits of the Hematite stone
Hematite is a dark and completely opaque stone with silver reflections. Hematite is one of the rare stones with a metallic shine.
Its color is close to steel gray. Some specimens have an almost black color.


  • Hematite History

On the planet Mars in 2004, spheres were found which could be composed in whole or part of hematite.

Hematite is also called "blood stone" referring to its red color when it is reduced to powder.

Etymologically, this word belongs to the same family as hemorrhage, hematoma, hemoglobin, all in relation to blood.

Fact, It was used as a red pigment with the Upper Paleolithic by Homo Sapiens To draw and paint caves and cavities.

It was also used in antiquity for certain cosmetics such as "eyeshadows" and "lip sticks" (ancestor of lipstick) coated with paint based on hematite reduced in powder.

Hematite would have been used also to treat the wounds and hemorrhages of warriors on the battlefields, because it would promote the healing of wounds.

In ancient Egypt, hematite was considered to be the power to cure blood diseases, thinking that it favored production.

This mineral seems to have been used at all times and by many civilizations, to decorate and to treat.

Nowadays, hematite, considered as a semi-precious stone, served in jewelry linked to its lithotherapy properties. Thus, are mainly manufactured pendants for collar and varying hematite bracelets.

Moreover, The natural benefits of hematite close to magnetotherapy, are also operated by Magnetic bracelets and other necklaces with magnets, to improve well-being thanks to Its painkillers, among others.

Hematite bracelet

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  • Hematite benefits

Benefits against physical evils

Nicknamed "bloodstoneThanks to the massive presence of iron oxide in its composition, hematite brings tone, vitality and dynamism to the body. This stone provides a solution to all health problems linked to iron anemia.

Its virtues fortifyingpurifying And invigorating give it an exceptional power, allowing to fight all the affections linked to blood. It also participates in the rapid healing of injuries, in the healing process in general and the regeneration of cells.


Hematite is particularly recommended for:

  • Fight them circulatory disorders (Reynaud's disease, hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
  • Soothe them eye problems (conjunctivitis, irritation), migraines and other headache.
  • Regularize the blood pressure And calm the symptoms of spasmophilia (anxiety, cramps).
  • Stimulate iron absorption (anemia) and absorb hematomas.
  • Purify blood, detoxify the liver and activate the renal functions.

Benefits on emotional and spiritual

  • Hematite is stone ideal To increase his courage and improve your self-confidence.
  • It allows you to be better listening to soI and others.
  • Thanks to its properties, this mineral learns patience as well as the transcendence. Hematite is advised to combat various addictions, whether drugs or deviant behavior.
  • Hematite Stress and promotes stress away the balance And the assertion self.



Hematite is Clean under the incense smoke for 2 to 3 minutes

Her recharge is done at the day light during 2 to 3 hours or on the flower of Life during 1 night complete.


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