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Stones for headaches

Stones for headaches

Once again, a skull evil prevents you from relaxing completely after a day of work ...

If this frustrating and painful experience is for you common, know that certain crystals can help you. Acting on the body, the mind and the energies, they indeed help to restore well-being permanently.

So browse this complete guide of Stones for headaches, with their different properties


How can stones for headaches help you?

Here is a small scenario which, no doubt, will be familiar to you ...

A beautiful day ends. After an overloaded morning and a productive afternoon, you feel fully satisfied, while you slip into a hot bath or in the arms of your lover (SE) 

And there, without warning ... a migraine.

Burning tension that rises in your skull, it diffuses around your eyes and under your forehead. You feel it beat in your temples, ready to spoil the evening which was however promised perfect.

In fact, it happens to you quite regularly, you are even getting used to it. After all, we do not spend several hours in a row in front of a screen without paying the price ...

No reason, however, to resolve this painful sentence without looking for a solution. This is where Dame Nature intervenes, with her medicinal bag full of crystals!


Headache: natural causes and remedies

If you are paid into alternative medicines and other holistic approaches to well-being, you certainly know that Headaches can be due to many factors. And that each cause, a remedy can be applied.

Thus, the migraines come first, without surprise, After an exhibition extended to blue lights of our daily screens.

To deal with these harmful radiation often responsible for headache, you can on the one hand, REstate the use of computer and smartphone as much as possible

Another frequent cause of headaches is simply the lack of oxygen and low hydration. This is a way that your body has to communicate its basic needs with you. Also, when migraine points to its nose, Drink a large glass of water or go for a walk outside, if possible in nature.

Headache can also be a body response to stress or anxiety. If you already practice deep breathing, yoga and meditation, there are many other ways to relax. Do you know for example acupuncture, Tai Chi or massage with hot stones?

Another type of stone can also help you relax, and at the same time dissipate your damn migraine: lithotherapy crystals! Yes, there are indeed some Stones for headaches with soothing and relaxing virtues.


The beneficial action ofs stones for headaches: 

THE Stones for headaches each act in their own way to relieve the migraines. Depending on certain characteristics such as their color, type and crystalline structure, their modes of action vary.

Their frequency contributes to bringing the brain to a state of homeostasis, by reducing chemical reactions that cause inflammation. Or, for headaches due to muscle tensions, certain crystals have a soothing action on muscle tissues. Relaxing stones promote global relaxation, and thus prevent the manifestations of stress such as migraines.

We can also request Stones for headaches For their mental and emotional properties.

In the same way that they relax the body, these particular crystals contribute to inner peace and clarity of mind. The incessant noise of thoughts is attenuated, and we reconnect to serenity in itself.


The best stones for headaches:

Here is now an overview of the best Stones for headaches. As mentioned earlier, you can in particular request them to:

  • Reduce inflammation and the physical tensions responsible for migraines,
  • Stress psychological,
  • Purify your energy bodies.


The amethyst stone: 

Amethyst bracelets


Deemed to be an excellent remedy for drunkenness and nausea, theamethyst deploys his purple vibration to purify the being of his discomfort. Pierre de Bacchus, God of wine and party, it is used to alleviate the hangover after a watered evening!

Protector and soothing, this magnificent purple quartz also relaxes the muscles of the eyes, thus neutralizing sinusitis and migraines.

Amethyst is in fact conducive to the relaxation of the whole being. Because of its physical properties and its crystalline constitution, its frequency indeed generates a complete state of relaxation.

If your headaches are mainly due to stress, it will therefore help you not be overwhelmed by anxiety, and why not take some deep breaths.

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Citrine stone:

Citrine bracelets

Here is a fantastic crystal to radiate health! Consider it citrine Like a good dose of energetic vitamin C, refreshing and detoxifying.

With it, harmful vibrations will not last long: its presence promotes circulation and constant renewal of energies. It is an excellent support for evacuating heavy emotions, as well as to dissipate the energy blockages.

Acting in particular in the liver and pancreas, citrine is effective against nausea and the digestive problems that sometimes arise with headaches. Also use it if, in addition to your migraine, you suffer from great fatigue: it will awaken your vitality in no time.

Here, our superb citrine jewelry!


Stone Rose quartz: 

Rose quartz bracelet

Another powerful Stone against headaches is the pink quartz. Crystal of love and compassion, it resonates with the heart chakra. It is through this energy center that our relationship with the world develops.

Thus, in support of the heart chakra, the pink quartz will help you determine what you let in your life, and what you want to keep away. In this sense, he will support you to stay outside the situations and interactions that exhaust you, or literally give you migraines.

Rose quartz also has a comforting presence, excellent to resolve physical and mental tensions.

In addition, due to its particular crystal structure, this stone tends to amplify the powers of other stones. You can therefore use it in combination with selenite, for example, for an increased beneficial effect on your migraine.

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Moonstone bracelets


When a headache torments you, take the sweet moon stone. Its milky or iridescent matrix will breathe a current of therapeutic energy in your tired body and mind.

Crystal of the feminine, it will envelop you in a maternal presence. Like a caress on your hot forehead, its vibration will calm a little, inviting you to be sweetness towards yourself.

A moonstone in hand, wrap yourself in a soft blanket or drink a good herbal tea with peppermint, ideal against persistent headaches.

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Stone Aventurine:

Aventurine bracelets


With its growth and evolution energies, theadventurine Can greatly help you if you are going through a depressive phase characterized by deep fatigue or chronic migraines.

Its generous green slowly awakens the heart chakra, facilitating the digestion of heavy emotions like sadness. In support of this energy center, the Aventurine invites at the same time to provide compassion and patience, when everything overwhelms you.

Its emerald color rays also relieve sinus disorders and headache caused by allergies. It is also a precious ally to find a good sleep, and thus reduce the risk of headache linked to fatigue.

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How to use the stones for headaches?

Carry them on you: 

Prevention is better than cure ! Before you get into your day rich in mental activities and requests, don't forget to wear your stone for headaches In the form of jewelry: bracelet, necklace ...

Your anti-migraine crystal will do so until evening to protect you from harmful influences, preserve your physical health and keep you as relaxed as possible. In addition, carried in jewelry, your stone will make a good pleasure in your outfit. 


Stones for headaches


Do not forget to share this article and leave us a comment below if you have experience to share, we would be happy to read it!

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