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Stones against phobias and fears

Stones against phobias and fears

Fears can have different sources. But what is almost constant are the feelings.

THE physical symptoms There are many (tied throat, trembling legs, moist or frozen hands, stomach ache, cold sweats and even fainted). Nevertheless it is quite difficult to establish a difference between stress, nervousness, anxiety, anxiety ...

THE Root chakra (1st chakra) is connected to survival, it is the Siege of fear emotions. Acting on this basic chakra makes it possible to act on all diseases connected consciously or unconsciously to a fear.

THE protective stones And the crystals turn out to be fabulous companions to treat these disorders.

 Stones against phobias and fears


Fighting your fears and phobias

  • THE Pink quartz

This tall appeasement stone is known to act directly on the heart.

THE Pink quartz is the stone you need if you are often subject to extreme fearss. This crystal with many relaxing virtues. This stone will help you go forward in eliminating your fears and phobias.

  • There Moon stone

It will be particularly useful to you if you are often Subject to stress, fears, phobias. There Moon stone helps you see things with your good eye and calm spirit.

Rock soft and sensitive who opens the mind and blurs fear.

  • L'Adventurine

L'Adventurine is the stone you need if you find it difficult to overcome a situation experienced in the past. This stone acts both on the mental And emotional For calm fear.


  • L'Eye of tiger

L'Eye of tiger help them hyper anxious and the phobic. It is an equally effective stone to fight your fears.

 Stones against phobias and fears


 Different fears and phobias

The energy of stones and crystals can help you delay your fears. But the latter can be different according to your personality and your experience of life. We have listed some problematic phobias in everyday life. Here are their associations of associations which will allow them to be blurred:

  • The fear of the other: social phobia

If the presence of an individual makes you uncomfortable, you are particularly shy, reserved, introverted or hypersensitive, the Lune will give you courage to face the outside.

  • Fear of the crowd: agoraphobia

You may be frightened at the idea of ​​getting out of your home and finding you in a public place. So it is advisable to use THE Pink quartz In order to fight against your panic attacks.

  • Unreasonable fear (all phobias)

Phobias can be a fear of any thing. You can fear certain objects, animals, very specific places. To blur and fight in front of these, you can have a Moon stone.


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    Maryse Terrine on
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    Quelle pierre me conseillez vous contre la phobie de conduire svp
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