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Relieve osteoarthritis with lithotherapy

Relieve osteoarthritis with lithotherapy

Lithotherapy stones are a wonderful therapy complementary to all the other additional treatments that you could do for osteoarthritis.

  Arthritis, which means "inflammation of the joints", is a general term designating more than 100 different joint disorders, ranging from light pain to severe and inflamed pain.

So what lithotherapy stones use for osteoarthritis?

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  • Cornaline Promotes the movement of life force and vital energy. It is useful for treating low back pain, rheumatism, arthritis and depression.
Corneline bracelet
  • Hematite May increase blood flow and circulation and that is how it can speed up the healing process and relieve pain.
The human body contains an essential magnetic load for its functioning. Magnetic hematite is very good for arthritis and joint pain.
hematite bracelet

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This information on the possibilities of stones is given for information.
They do not in any way constitute a diagnosis or medical treatment.
In the event of a health problem, always consult your doctor.

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