Which stones for children?

When you are passionate aboutthe benefits of stones, you often want to share them with your loved ones and this is quite normal.

However, if you are looking for a stone for your child, you should know that not all stones are suitable for babies and children, that is why it is very important to choose the stone in question.
We are going to recommendyou some stones which will be very beneficial to your child according to his age:


    Around the age of 4, the child can start wearing crystals such as Pink Quartz Linked to love, this stone calms and harmonizes daily life.
    Energies of softness, tenderness and security emanate from this crystal. It creates a feeling of confidence in the child.
    On the wrist, the Rose Quartz rests and calms the child so that it can sleep.
    It also brings a feeling of calm in all situations.It also helps against anxiety, fears and emotional disorders.


    The Amethyst is very useful for the children. It calms the excitement of the evening and thus allows tohave a restful sleep for the young children. Amethyst helps to overcome fears, whether at the nursery, at school or in case of separation.
    This stone reduces stress, purifies and eliminates negative energies.
    Children need protection, and especially to protect their heart.

    L’Aventurine strengthens and restores the energy of the heart, it helps to take initiative for shy children.
    This stone also has benefits for children with too many emotions, it helps to control them.
    If your child has a lot of anger, aventurine is perfect to calm him.

    Childhood is the period of questioning, curiosity, and consequently of introspection. Indeed, many children lack self-esteem, the Carnelian is then there to help them grow up.

    This stone also calms excess anger or other emotions.

    On the learning side, itimproves concentration and stimulates the brain. Carnelian is a gentle anchor stone, it also keeps the negative away.


    Finally, the Citrine is used for the older children, the teenagers.

    Indeed it is perfect put on the desk of a student, to help concentration and very effective during the periods of exams or intellectual efforts.

    This stone emanates vibrations of success, it allows tohelp the most shy persons to assert themselves. Moreover, it allows tocalm family disagreements or collective problems.

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