The stones to stop smoking

When you are a smoker, you are well aware of your self-destruction, but that doesn't make it easy to stop smoking.

It's true that nicotine addiction is real, but that's not all!

Willpower is essential and it turns out that smoking is often linked to a present and/or past emotional lack.

In this article, we present you the Amethyst Stone which will help you to stop smoking efficiently.

We will also explain to you on which levels it will act, so that you find the solution which is appropriate to you.

Amethyst is known for its help in getting rid of addictions - primarilyalcoholism, but not only.

Work with an amethyst by taking it in your hand and asking it to free you from your smoking habit, while focusing on the strength it imparts.

This stone will also help you to calm the nervousness that comes with smoking and nicotine withdrawal and also boost your mood.

It is effective also against the stress, and dissolves the anxiety, calms the anxieties, and supports the sleep.

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Complementary stones:

As mentioned in the introduction, addictions are often linked to an emotional lack.

The problem which arises in thestop of the tobacco, it is that that will cause an emotional imbalance which it will be necessary to compensate.

Some people will do this by snacking! To prevent you from gaining weight we suggest 2 stones:

    It is a very powerful healing and energy amplifier.

    It amplifies the virtues of the stones that surround it.

    It balances the emotional, It soothes the agitation

    It gets calm and harmony.

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      It is the stone of love.
      It fills the emotional lack.
      It repairs the wounds of the heart.
      It reassures, reduces the stress and calms.
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      The synergy of these 2 stones will help you to fill the emotional gap, which will facilitate the cessation of smoking.

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