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The stones of fertility

The stones of fertility
Are you looking for fertility stones to increase your chances of getting pregnant?
Discover our selection of stones with the most suitable virtues to improve your fertility and help you give life.
Put all the odds on your side with health minerals.


Becoming a mother depends on the nature of the nature and getting pregnant can take longer than expected.
To help you accelerate design of your baby you can to use THE minerals For boost your fertility
Several stones are recognized to improve fertility, we will detail the benefits of each.



Cornaline stone : 

  • She influence reproductive organs female and increases fertility. She surmounts the frigidity And helplessness.
  • It's a positive stone which will stimulate your will and banish negativity
  • She is useful For problems in trunk
  • She can absorb that bother procreation.
  • Help to the Feminine fertility : In vitro design and artificial insemination.
  • She is adapted also at male partnern in order to maximize the chances of design ...
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Moonstone : 

    • Symbol of femininity, it is a sweet stone that soothing THE emotions.
    • It is the stone of femininity and fertility, If you have one to choose it is this you need ! Useful for hormonal disorders, it promotes hormonal balance.
    • She is excellent for menstrual cycles disorders.
    • She stimulates there fertility By solving emotional blockages. She Lightens discomfort and the tensions related to it.

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    The pink quartz stone 

    • This stone attends the action of ovaries and testicles.
    • He fight against inflammation of the genital system, such as trunk, THE ovaries
    • Ideal for appease emotions extreme and regain balance in situations that are difficult to manage on the relational level.

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    The fertility couple pack :

    Fertility stone

      To maximize your chances of pregnancy, 
      =>For her : Bracelet with its MOON STONE, it is a stone that will stimulate fertility, to be permanently focused when you try to make a baby and that it is long overdue.

      =>For him : Bracelet with its ROCK Cornear (Possibility to wear it around the ankle for more discretion) It is adapted to the male partner in order to maximize the chances of design ...
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      How to use fertilitis stones?

      Here's how to force a little chance to get pregnant as quickly as possible with a boost of fertility stones.
      We advise you to wear at least 1 of these 3 stones on you throughout the day to benefit from their energy.
      The minerals are going harmonize your body and thehelp at prepare has receive life.
      And to finish, you can also perform Relaxation sessions with your minerals in them positioning At level of Lower stomach 2 to 3 times a week.
      Position your stones for 10 to 15 minutes And think about the desire to welcome life in you.


      => Remember that it is feeling, positive thinking, helping to relax, which is important for good ovulation.


      Natural stones help improve your daily well-being but do not replace medical opinion and treatment adapted to your needs.


      • Livraison rapide reçu hier . Je les purifier et recharger avec la fleur de vie . On commence a le porté demain on croise les doigts pour que sa marche 👌👌😄😄

        Fouque laura on
      • commander bracelet coraline et pendentif pierre de lune , en essait bebe depuis 11 mois et rien je crois les doigts que cela fonctionne purifier et rechargée 1er jrs porter 16 mars 🤞🤞

        carolane on
      • J’ai bien reçu mon bracelet le 17 décembre
        Et lessen pour purifier et la gueule de vie le 27 décembre j’ai hâte de voir si cela fonctionne vraiment mes laissons faire le pouvoir de la pierre de lune et nous verrons ce qui l’en es

        De cuyper on
      • Livraison très rapide, très jolie bracelet avec la notice qui explique très bien 👌. Maintenant je croises les doigts 🤞🤞🤞🤞🍀🍀🍀🍀 pour avoir un beau ++++++ 🤗. Je les ai purifier et je l’ai mis à recharger je commencerais à les porter demain.

        Vanessa on

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