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Bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
Bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur
bracelet tibétain porte-bonheur


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Discover this Tibetan bracelet fines copper beads, her size East adjustable On your wrist, it is very finesse and is easily forgotten.

➢ Meaning of the Tibetan bracelet:

Red Tibetan bracelets are nicknamed the Lucky bracelets. Do you know why ?

The reason is very simple, this bracelet is knotted during the recitation of spiritual prayers called the "Mantras" by Tibetan Buddhists. Thus, the Tibetan bracelets receive all the blessings which come from this protective ritual.

Copper has the distinction of being a powerful driver ofetheric energy And psychic. It is said that it promotes the circulation of energy through the chakras, from the bottom to the top.

This authentic Tibetan bracelet becomes your personal protective Talisman against all negative energies. It is made of Tibetan rope, that's why he's so powerful.

Your bracelet will therefore bring you luck, success, happiness and one positive karma in your life.

Tibetan brace bracelets

➢ How to wear your Tibetan lucky bracelet?

Wear your bracelet left wrist. So he will be as close as possible to your heart And will be able to deliver all its energies to you.

In the Buddhist tradition, the right hand is a sign of wickedness and malpropreté, while the left side is the side receiver of our souls.


➢ Features :

  • One size: adjustable bracelets
  • Materials used: braided rope, copper 
  • Symbolic: luck, happiness, good fortune, success
  • Provenance: Tibet
  • Bracelet notice provided
  • Gift cover offered


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