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pendule cristal de roche
Rock Crystal Pendulum
pendule cristal de roche
pendule cristal de roche
pendule cristal de roche
Rock Crystal Pendulum
pendule cristal de roche
pendule cristal de roche

Rock Crystal Pendulum

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    This Rock Crystal Pendulum can be used to improve your well-being, to entertain you, to work on your mental faculties, to find answers, tracks, solutions to your worries or those of your loved ones, to make choices.
    Light and of small size, it is handy and its setting in motion is fast.
    It gives clear answers to the questions you ask.


    • The pendulum comes with instructions for use.
    • Materials: Zinc alloy and natural stone in rock crystal
    • Size: 2,2 x 1,4cm - Length of the chain 15 cm approximately
    • Net Weight: 6g
    • Origin of the Stone: Brazil


    On the mental level in lithotherapy

    • Receives, emits and transmits energy
    • Help to meditation
    • Favour the concentration
    • Acts on the imagination and clairvoyance
    • Develops intuitions and perceptions

    On the physical level in lithotherapy

    • Creates harmony in the body
    • Enhances the properties of the environment
    • Purifies the aura


    1. Prepare your mind: free yourself from internal and external noises. Relax and concentrate.
    2. The ideal position: you should sit upright and, if possible, put both feet flat on the ground. Grasp the top bead between your thumb and forefinger. Arch your wrist slightly; rest your forearm on something solid, like the edge of a table or the arm of a chair. Let the pendulum swing. Try not to move.
    3. Ask the pendulum to show you your search position: "Show me Yes!" and "Show me No!" .
    4. Check the signals. To check the reliability of your programmed signals, ask a few test questions where you know the authentic answer.
    5. Ask your question. Ask questions that you can answer with YES or NO. Be as specific as possible in your wording.
    6. Wait for the answer. Be patient. Focus on your question, but do not focus on what you think the answer should or will be.
    7. Release the pendulum at the end of each question by resting its weight on the palm of your free hand or other surface. This signals that your question has been answered and you are ready to move on to the next question.

    Good to know:
    ✮ A pendulum does not lie. If it does not respond: either the energy is low, or we are invited to wait, or it is too charged with energy.
    ✮ It is the echo of our own vibrations: it does not lend itself!
    Protect your pendulum when not in use, you can keep it in its organza pouch.


    Pendulums absorb the energy around them and can hold it for a long time. So it's important to clean and recharge it before you start working with it and then every week. But how? :

    • Cleaning under incense:

    Light a natural incense paper (supplied with the pendulum) and blow on the flame then let the smoke circulate in and around the pendulum.

    • Recharging with the sun or flower of life:

    After cleaning your pendulum, you will need to recharge it (in daylight or on a flower of life) so that it gives you back a positive beneficial energy.

    Why clean and recharge your Rock Crystal pendulum?

    It is important to clean and recharge your Rock Crystal Pendulum after its purchase or after having used it. Indeed, minerals give positive energy but they can also absorb negative energy or be emptied of it. The stone is then "tired" and loses its effectiveness.

    Find all our tips on how to use the pendulum in our blog post.

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    How to use the stone? Find here our advice and information to useyour stone at best.

    ◾ How to purify and recharge the stone?

    You will find all the information in the instructions accompanying your stone and on our blog article here.

    ◾ Our advice :

    - Remember to get enough natural incense papers (like the one offered in our shop) to purify your stone every 8 to 10 days so that it retains all its effectiveness. here to purify your stone every 8 to 10 days so that it retains all its effectiveness.

    - Think of getting here the Flower of Life to recharge all your stones very simply.

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