Necklace pendant MOONSTONE

25.90 €

 Necklace pendant gold chain adjustable with its MOONSTONE


  • Natural stone
  • Origin : India
  • Dimension of the stone : 9x13mm
  • Detailed instructions offered with each jewel
  • Gift bag offered

Our advice:

  • You can wear several stones at the same time but you will have to balance the energies of the stones on the body with for example 1 bracelet on each wrist rather than the 2 on the same arm or 1 bracelet + 1 necklace.
  • Think of the natural incense paper to purify your stone every week so that it keeps its efficiency.
  • Think of the Flower of Life to recharge all your stones very simply.

The benefits of this stone :

  • It is a stone which will stimulate the fertilityIt is a stone that will stimulate fertility, to be worn at all times when you are trying to make a baby and it is overdue.
  • During the pregnancy It protects the pregnancy and soothes mothers a little too worried about their future child, effective stone against acid facilitates a childbirth.... after the childbirth it maintains the lactation.
  • Relieves painful, irregular or abundant periods.
  • Alleviates the effects of the menopause
  • Recommended for women suffering fromendometriosis, polycystic ovaries.
  • The stone of Moon rebalances the hormones in the body of the woman = It helps to fight against the weaknesses of the thyroid
  • Ideal for the problems of constipation
  • It soothes the hyperactive children and recommended to improve the baby's sleep
  • The moonstone is emotional: it contributes to marital happinessto the relationship with its close relations.

    Natural stones help to improve your daily well-being but do not replace medical advice and treatment adapted to your needs.

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    ◉ How to use the stone?

    Find our tips and information to make the best use ofyour stone.

    ◉ How to purify and recharge the stone?

    You will find all the information in the notice accompanying your stone and on our page of recommendations.

    ◉ Our advice :

    - Think of the natural incense paper to purify your stone every week so that it keeps its effectiveness.

    - Think of the Flower of life to recharge very simply all your stones.