Moonstone bracelet/necklace : BREASTFEEDING

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Why Moonstone for Breastfeeding?

You are finally holding your treasure close to your heart. Nothing is more natural for you than to breastfeed your baby. However, you feel tired, exhausted and you fear that this drop in energy will alter the quality of your milk. In order to promote good lactation and optimal relaxation, you can count on the help of this stone.

    The Moonstone is a precious help, this sacred stone willhelpyou not only against your anxieties but also for breastfeeding your child. Indeed, it is known to promote the rise of milk.

    Characteristics :

    • Natural moonstone
    • Origin : Sri Lanka
    • Bracelets adjustable to all wrist sizes
    • Dimension of the stone: 9x13mm
    • Detailed instructions offered with each jewel
    • Gift bag offered

    Our advice:

    • You can wear several stones at the same time but you will need to balance the energies of the stones on the body with for example 1 bracelet on each wrist rather than the 2 on the same arm or 1 bracelet + 1 necklace.
    • Think of the natural incense paper to purify your stone every week so that it keeps its efficiency.
    • Think of the Flower of Life to recharge all your stones very simply.

    The natural stones help to improve your daily well-being but do not replace a medical advice and treatment adapted to your needs.

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      ➤ TIPS FOR USE

      ◉ How to use the stone?

      Find our tips and information to make the best use ofyour stone.

      ◉ How to purify and recharge the stone?

      You will find all the information in the notice accompanying your stone and on our page of recommendations.

      ◉ Our advice :

      - Think of the natural incense paper to purify your stone every week so that it keeps its effectiveness.

      - Think of the Flower of life to recharge very simply all your stones.