Palo Santo Purification Sticks

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The Palo Santo is a tree native to South America, named "Sacred Wood" by the Inca shamans who used it as a purifier.

Palo Santo promotes concentration and meditation, brings self-confidence and a feeling of being protected from the outside elements. It invites you to explore your inner self.

Powerful purification of the environment, habitat, house and objects

  • It purifies and cleanses energies: According to tradition, when wood is burned, it eliminates negative energy to restore tranquility and calm.
  • It brings creative inspiration: The scent of burning wood has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve clarity and focus.
  • A natural anti-inflammatory: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, when used as an oil, Palo Santo is known to relieve joint pain, colds, asthma, headaches and also anxiety or depression.
  • Attracting protection and luck: By burning your Palo Santo, you eliminate negative energies and welcome positivity and luck. Set your intention according to what you want to see go in your life and then move from one point to another in your home.
  • Calms the mind and brings calmness: Palo Santo wood does not cure depression or anxiety, but a cleansing practice integrated as part of a healing plan can bring real relief. By releasing a calming scent into the olfactory systems of the body and brain it creates a sense of relaxation and calm throughout the body.
  • It eliminates bad smells: Its burnt wood fragrance perfumes all enclosed spaces and masks persistent bad smells.
  • It naturally repels insects: The resin of Palo Santo contains a fragrance that is not very popular with mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  • It helps meditation: Ideal for clearing the mind, we recommend burning a stick of Palo Santo before a meditation or yoga session.

When should you purify your home?

When your home is or has been exposed to painful events and/or negative experiences - personal or otherwise - (break-up, argument, death, illness, bereavement, fire, burglary etc.).

  • When you are not feeling well or simply feel the need to do so (stress, anxiety, fatigue, tension, etc.).
  • When you move to a new place, to release the energies left by the former inhabitants and start again from scratch.


  • Weight: 5-7grper stick
  • Dimensions: 10x1cm (dimensions of a stick)
  • Origin : Peru

- USE -

To purify your home, the Palo Santo must be burned. Its use must be done in a ventilated place, all the windows of your house must be opened so that the smoke can correctly evacuate and carry with it all the negative energies.

  • Light the stick. When it catches fire, count 30 seconds and then blow gently on the flame to put it out. Place the stick on a small glass container or ashtray.
  • Go around every room in your house so that the smoke goes everywhere. For this ritual, it is best to start at the entrance point.
  • You can also pass the smoke from the stick around you, to purify your body from bad energy.
  • Turn off the stick and air your interior for at least 15 minutes.
  • Be careful, never leave a lit sage or Palo Santo stick unattended!

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