Who am I?

I am Eva, the creator of "L'Atelier d'Eva".
I am delighted to welcome you here to talk about lithotherapy (the benefits of stones).

I created this shop with the aim of bringing hope and a natural solution to all women who want to have a child but also to relieve the daily aches and pains linked to their femininity (endometriosis, period pains, migraines ...)

After having been introduced to lithotherapy a few years ago and having adopted it to relieve my endometriosis and other female ailments, I wanted to share it with all women who are like me in search of natural and effective solutions.

I try to find the best stones from different producers in India, Brazil and Sri Lanka in order to offer you a range of high quality and effective minerals at affordable prices.
Each stone is checked by me and assembled in the form of jewellery in my workshop in the North of France.

To date, "L'Atelier d'Eva" is more than 7000 bracelets made and a Facebook community of more than 17 500 members and 3800 on Instagram.

I am at your disposal 7 days a week to inform you and guide you in the choice of a stone, do not hesitate to contact me.

I invite you into my world which I hope will charm you ..... and perhaps allow you to achieve your dearest wish.