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The properties and benefits of moonstone

The properties and benefits of moonstone

The moonstone fascinates, what does it mean? 

Origin of moonstone

Enigmatic of name and nature, the moonstone will always be part of those natural stones which occupy a very special place in our culture. 

There moon stone is known by its adulence, which is clear, ghostly and yet ironically transparent which lets natural light pass through its layers, resembling a magic glow.

Although moonstones are often associated with the moon because of their appearance, it is clear that they are not from the moon.

Moon stone deposits are naturally found in India, Madagascar, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Poland, Myanmar, Austria and certain regions of the United States and Mexico.


moon stone

Composition of moonstone

The Hindi Etymology of the moon stone comes from the names “kanta” meaning “loved” and “sanskrit chandra” meaning “moon”. Thus, the two reunified expressions mean “loved by the moon” directly referring to its mythical origin. His name also comes from the clarity of the moon, in its splendor and beauty. This stone belongs to the group of feldspars.

There moon stone is colorless but it is distinguished from reflections which can go from white to blue, sometimes even to yellow reflections. The reflections are mainly due to the structure of the moonstone which is crystalline. It offers an optical effect called: adularescence, that is to say a sober reflection sliding on the entire surface of the stone when it changes its angle of view.


Virtues and properties of moonstone in lithotherapy

  • Psychologically

On the psychological level in lithotherapy, the moon stone corresponds to the candor of childhood. Both virtuous and without malice, this stone acts naturally for good. The moonstone also corresponds to happiness with her or her spouse. It acts directly on mental and astral bodies by harmonizing emotions, thus facilitating reconciliation.

There moon stone Also allows for moral minds considering sexual act as a primary act of freeing oneself from this point of view there and to regain human sexual pleasure. This stone makes it possible to develop sensitivity, creativity and sweetness. It accompanies in dreams and facilitates premonitory dreams as well as intuition. It helps in some decision -making that can be difficult and in a fairer mind.

Pierre Yin, the moon stone is a stone that promotes opening up to others and stops the fear of others. Of general rule, this stone Stop unnecessary fears, especially with respect to others who can lead to hatred of the other. It is a tolerance stone which aims to release material trends a little for the benefit of the opening. This stone also brings man a feminine side that makes it possible to temper with a sometimes too developed male temperament.

  •  Physical

On the physical level, the moon stone in lithotherapy allowsharmonize hormonal secretions as well as menstrual cycles. This stone allows women to respond to the problem of sterility. It also allows them to Store lactation after childbirth.

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  •  Spiritually
On the spiritual level, the moon stone Squaring under starry nights and offers visions of the moon when the being is dreaming. Place a moonstone on your forehead and you will then be in contact with the cosmos, with the leisure to travel in space lightly.  

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▬ The benefits of the MOON STONE  ▬
  •  It’s a stone that goes stimulate fertility, to carry on yourself when you try to make a baby and make you wait. 
  •  During pregnancy : She Protect pregnancy And soothing mothers a little too worried for their future child, an effective stone against acidic lifts... it facilitates a childbirth.... after childbirth Maintenance lactation. 
  •  Relieves them painful periodsirregular Or abundant.
  •  Alleviates the effects of menopause 
  •  Recommended for women withendometriosispolycystic ovaries
  •  Moonstone rebalances hormones In the body of the woman = she helps to fight against the weaknesses of the thyroid 
  •  Ideal for the problems of constipation 
  •  She soothing THE hyperactive children and recommended for improve THE baby sleep 
  •  Moonstone is emotional: it contributes to conjugal happiness, relations with his loved ones. 
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