Properties and benefits of the Cornelian stone

Cornelian, a stone with red and orange colours, brings happiness, serenity and dynamism.

Since ancient times, its gentle properties have been used to soothe the body and mind. Discover its history and all its virtues in this article.

  • Where does the name Cornelian come from?

A first hypothesis supposes that Carnelian comes from the dogwood tree. This shrub grows in the eastern Mediterranean countries. Thecolour of the dogwood, its fruit, has red shades similar to those of carnelian.

A second hypothesis would be a Latin origin of the name. Cornelian would come from caro, carnis "the flesh", or from cornum, "the cherry". In both cases it takes its name from its bright red colour. From the 16th century, the stone takes the official name of Cornelian.

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  • History & origin of the Carnelian stone

Since ancient times, Carnelian has been used for its many benefits and the beauty of its colour. The first traces of its existence date back to 2700 BC. It was in the tomb of a queen in Mesopotamia that carnelian stones were first found. The orange-red stones decorated an ornamental headdress.

During great battles, warriors used them to reduce bleeding. Its blood-red colour soothed the blood flow. The strength of its colour was also a symbol of courage. In ancient Egypt, Carnelian was used for funeral rites. It accompanied mortals in their journey to the afterlife. The protective qualities of Carnelian served as armour in the afterlife.

In the past, Carnelian was used in jewellery and royal decorative objects, to bring prosperity to people of high rank. It is also appreciated in the field of art. There are magnificent objects made of Carnelian in the Musée de l'Armée des Invalides for example.

This red stone is found in the cavities of volcanic rocks where it develops at low temperature. Mainly in the region of Pune, in India, but also in Brazil, in Uruguay, in Peru, and in Mali. Some deposits can also be found in Scotland and Iceland.

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  • Stone of fertility and love, it is a stone which supports procreation
  • It is also recommended for the male fertility
  • It is a help for the risk of miscarriage
  • It absorbs negative energies that cause blockages, sterility, impotence and frigidity.
  • It is recommended in case ofinfertility, fibroids, problems of tubes, ovarian cysts, post-partum problems
  • Carnelian is known for its ability to cure inflammatory rheumatism.
  • It is adapted for urinary infections.
  • It will bring you memory, concentration and will dissipate your fears at the time of examination, interview ....
  • It will give you confidence in you
  • Recommended for the inflammation of the intestines
  • Soothes cholericcharacters
  • Carnelian is a very positive stone that brings optimism to those who wear it.

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