Useful stones for weight loss


You will find below a selectionof stones that can help you lose weight and follow a weight loss diet.

It is not useless to recall that lithotherapy must be used as a COMPLEMENT and one should not expect miracles.

Then, it is necessary to ask the question on the exact problem to find the most appropriate stone: reduction of greases, cellulite, water retention, phenomenon of compensation, stress, etc... where does the problem come from...?


  • Indispensable it is a basic stone in lithotherapy. It is a very interesting stone to help to lose weight serenely.
  • It would also make it possible to feel better with the daily newspaper and would calm the disorders of the mood and would allow a better digestion. All depends obviously on people.

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  • It helps to fight water retention which often pushes our body to take kilos.
  • It will help you to eliminate the fat stored on the belly and the buttocks.

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  • Will stimulate all feelings of love, especially love for yourself. It is really important to be gentle and loving with yourself when it comes to body image issues.
  • Rose quartz can help you love your body the way it is and this is the key to being able to make healthy changes. If you try to change without first accepting who you are, it will not be sustainable for the stress of dieting.
  • This stone helps to calm the feelings of stress, by wearing it daily in the throat area: it will indeed help to limit the chocolate impulses, in other words the cravings for chocolate snacks.

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  • Is particularly effective for headaches and migraines, as well as for pain and tension caused by nerves.
  • It also improves our general condition.
  • It tones and protects the glands, hormones and stimulates the metabolism.
  • It allows us to better deal with problems related to stress.

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🔺 Important disclaimer 🔺
This information on the possibilities of stones is given for information purposes.
It does not constitute a diagnosis or medical treatment.
In case of health problems, always consult your doctor.

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