Stones for headaches

Once again, a headache prevents you from relaxing completely after a day of work...

If this frustrating and painful experience is commonplace for you, you should know that certain crystals can help you. Acting on the body, mind and energies, they can help restore your well-being in the long term.

Browse through this complete guide to stones for headaches, with their different properties

How can headache stones help you?

Here's a little scenario that you'll probably be familiar with...

A beautiful day is coming to an end. After a busy morning and a productive afternoon, you feel fully satisfied as you slip into a hot bath or into the arms of your lover.

And then, without warning... a headache.

A burning tension rises in your skull, spreading around your eyes and under your forehead. You feel it pounding in your temples, ready to spoil the evening that was supposed to be perfect.

In fact, this happens to you quite regularly, you're even getting used to it. After all, you don't spend several hours in front of a screen without paying for it...

But there's no reason to accept this painful sentence without looking for a solution. That's where Mother Nature comes in, with her medicinal bag full of crystals!

Headaches: Causes and Natural Remedies

If you are versed in alternative medicine and other holistic approaches to wellness, you certainly know that headaches can be caused by many factors. And that for each cause, a remedy can be applied.

For example, migraines first occur, not surprisingly, after prolonged exposure to the blue lights of our daily screens.

To counteract this harmful radiation often responsible for headaches, you can on the one hand,reduce as much as possible the use of the computer and smartphone.

Another common cause of headaches is simply lack of oxygen and low hydration. This is your body's way of communicating its basic needs with you. So when a headache hits, drink a large glass of water or go for a walk outside, if possible in nature.

Headaches can also be the body's response to stress or anxiety. If you already practice deep breathing, yoga and meditation, there are many other ways to relax. For example, are you familiar with acupuncture, tai chi or hot stone massage?

Another type of stone can help you relax and at the same time dissipate your cursed migraine: lithotherapy crystals! Yes, there are indeed some stones for headaches with soothing and relaxing properties.

The beneficial action ofs stones for the Headaches :

The stones for headaches each act in their own way to relieve migraines. Depending on certain characteristics such as their color, type and crystal structure, their modes of action vary.

Their frequency helps bring the brain back to a state of homeostasis, reducing the chemical reactions that cause inflammation. Or, for headaches due to muscular tension, some crystals have a soothing effect on muscle tissue. Relaxing stones promote overall relaxation and thus prevent stress-related symptoms such as migraines.

The stonescan also be usedfor headaches for their properties on the mental and emotional level.

As well as relaxing the body, these special crystals help to bring inner peace and clarity of mind. The incessant noise of thoughts is muted, and one reconnects to the serenity within.

The best stones for headaches :

Here is now a roundup of the best stones for headaches. As mentioned earlier, you can use them for :

  • Reduce inflammation and physical tension responsible for migraines,
  • Soothe the stress psychological,
  • Purify your energy bodies.

Amethyst stone:

Reputed as an excellent remedy against drunkenness and nausea, theamethyst deploys its violet vibration to purify the being from its discomforts. Stone of Bacchus, god of the wine and the party, we use it moreover to attenuate the hangover after a drunken evening!

Protective and soothing, this magnificent purple quartz also relaxes the muscles of the eyes, thus neutralizing sinusitis and migraines.

The amethyst is in fact conducive to the relaxation of the whole being. Because of its physical properties and its crystalline constitution, its frequency generates a state of complete relaxation.

If your headaches are mainly due to stress, it will thus help you not to let you submerge by anxiety, and why not to take some deep breaths.

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The Citrine stone :

Here is a fantastic crystal to radiate health! Consider the citrine as a good dose of vitamin C energetic, refreshing and detoxifying.

With it, harmful vibrations will not last long: its presence promotes the circulation and constant renewal of energy. It is an excellent support to evacuate heavy emotions, as well as to dissipate energy blockages.

Acting in particular at the level of the liver and the pancreas, citrine is effective against nausea and digestive problems which sometimes occur with headaches. Use it also if, in addition to your migraine, you suffer from great fatigue: it will awaken your vitality in no time.

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The stone Rose Quartz :

Another powerful stone against headaches is the rose quartz. A crystal of love and compassion, it resonates with the heart chakra. It is through this energy center that our relationship to the world develops.

Thus, in support of the heart chakra, rose quartz will help you determine what you let into your life, and what you wish to keep out. In this sense, it will support you in staying out of situations and interactions that exhaust you, or literally give you migraines.

Rose quartz also has a comforting presence, excellent for unraveling physical and mental tension.

Moreover, because of its particular crystalline structure, this stone tends to amplify the powers of other stones. You can therefore use it in combination with selenite, for example, for an increased beneficial effect on your migraine.

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The Moonstone :

When a headache torments you, arm yourself with the gentle moonstone. Its milky or iridescent matrix will infuse a stream of therapeutic energy into your tired body and mind.

Crystal of the Feminine, it will envelop you with a maternal presence. Like a caress on your warm forehead, its vibration will soothe your pain, inviting you to be gentle with yourself.

With a moonstone in your hand, wrap yourself in a soft blanket or drink a good peppermint tea, ideal against persistent headaches.

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The stone Aventurine :

With its energies of growth and evolution,Aventurine can greatly help you if you are going through a depressive phase characterized by deep fatigue or chronic migraines.

Its generous green color gently awakens the heart chakra, facilitating the digestion of heavy emotions such as sadness. In support of this energy center, aventurine also invites compassion and patience when everything overwhelms you.

Its emerald rays also relieve sinus problems and headaches caused by allergies. It is also a precious ally in finding a good night's sleep, and thus reducing the risk of headaches due to fatigue.

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How to use the stones for headaches ?

Wear them on you:

Prevention is better than cure! Before starting your day full of activities and mental stress, don't forget to wear your stone for headaches as a jewel: bracelet, necklace...

Your anti-migraine crystal will work until the evening to protect you from harmful influences, preserve your physical health and keep you as relaxed as possible. In addition, worn as jewelry, your stone will make a beautiful addition to your outfit.

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