Benefits of the Hematite stone

Hematite is a fine, dark, completely opaque stone with a silvery sheen. Hematite is one of the few stones with a metallic sheen.
Its color is close to steel gray. Some specimens have an almost black color.


On the planet Mars in 2004, spheres were found that could be composed in whole or in part of Hematite.

Hematite is also called "Bloodstone" referring to its red color when ground into powder.

Etymologically, this word belongs to the same family as haemorrhage, haematoma, haemoglobin, all related to blood.

In fact, it was used as a red pigment in the Upper Paleolithic by Homo sapiens to draw and paint caves and cavities.

It was also used in antiquity for certain cosmetics such as "eye shadow" and "lipsticks" (the ancestor of lipstick) coated with powdered Hematite-based paint.

Hematite was also used to treat wounds and haemorrhages of warriors on the battlefields, as it was said to promote the healing of wounds.

In ancient Egypt, Hematite was considered to have the power to cure blood diseases, believing that it promoted blood production.

This mineral seems to have been used at all times and by many civilizations, to decorate and to heal.

Nowadays, Hematite, considered as a semi-precious stone, is used in jewellery linked to its properties of Lithotherapy. Thus, are manufactured mainly pendants for necklace and bracelets in Hematite of varied form.

In addition, the natural benefits of the Hematite close to the Magnetotherapy, are also exploited by the magnetic bracelets and other necklaces with magnets, in order to improve the wellbeing thanks to its anti-pain effects, among others.

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Benefits against physical ailments

Nicknamed "blood stone" thanks to the massive presence of iron oxide in its composition, hematite brings tonus, vitality and dynamism to the body. This stone brings a solution to all the health problems related to iron anaemia.

Its fortifying, purifying and invigorating virtues give it an exceptional power, allowing to fight all the affections related to blood. It also participates in the rapid healing of wounds, the healing process in general and the regeneration of cells.

Hematite is particularly recommended for:

  • Fighting circulatory disorders (Reynaud's disease, hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
  • Soothe eye problems (conjunctivitis, irritations), migraines and other headaches.
  • To regulate blood pressure and calm symptoms of spasmophilia (anxiety, cramps).
  • Stimulate the absorption of iron (anemia) and reduce hematoma.
  • Purify the blood, detoxify the liver and activate the renal functions.

Benefits on the emotional and spiritual

  • Hematite is the ideal stone to increase one's courage and improve one's self-confidence.
  • It allows to be better at listening tooneself and to others.
  • Thanks to its properties, this mineral teaches patience as well as the surpassing of oneself. One advises besides the hematite to fight against the various addictions, that it is of drugs or deviant behaviour.
  • Hematite removes stress and promotes balance and self-assertion.


The Hematite is cleaned under the smoke of incense during 2 to 3 minutes

Its recharging is done in daylight for 2 to 3 hours or on the flower of life for 1 full night.

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