Lithotherapy for animals

Here are the 5 natural stones dedicated especially to your animals that you can use without fear.

Lithotherapy, care by stones, is a technique of care which exists since millenia, it is only since a few decades that it is rediscovered.

It is true that like all living beings, animals and therefore dogs/cats are receptive to the energy of stones and crystals.

They have an advantage over us, they do not have a mind full of prejudices.
There is no need to believe in the virtues of stones and crystals, simply hang the stone on the collar of your animal and let the energy do its work.

Animal spirits are not like human spirits.

Humans relate to pain, while animals respond to pain.

Any fear you feel can also be felt by an animal and amplified by the crystals. It is very important to harmonize your thoughts, center yourself and have good intentions before attempting to heal your animal with crystals or stones.

Crystals amplify the effects and you should exercise caution until you know how your pet reacts.

Your pet will let you know when it has had enough. Watch for signs such as tail wagging, excessive paw wagging, ears back, uncovered teeth, raised hair, attempts to run away and similar warning signals.

If he shows any of these signs, slow down or temporarily stop the treatment. Crystal healing can sometimes be too fast for an animal to integrate. It can also be too intense and cause more pain or other discomforts, hence the importance of carefully observing your animal's behaviors and thus, lightening your treatment accordingly.

When healing is well underway, the animal will show signs of comfort and affection such as drooping eyelids, teeth grinding, drooling, a general softening of muscle tissue and sighing.

To take advantage of the benefits of stones on the dog, it is possible to use the right crystal:

  • In medal hung on the collar, or on a dedicated collar,
  • Placed under the dog's or cat's pillow

    • Aventurine for feelings of abandonment

      It can happen that you are temporarily separated from your pet, during your holidays and travels. This is an upheaval for our pets. They can feel abandoned, neglected.

      It is therefore at the level of the heart chakra that you should work. You can place an aventurine stone on the collar of your dog/cat.

      Indeed, the aventurine will know how to decrease the fears of your animal. It absorbs the negative energies and thus allows the animal to find calm and an interior peace.

      The aventurine is a powerful crystal which reinforces the feelings of love and positivity. Dogs are often more sensitive than humans and can easily be affected by sadness and grief. This stone is particularly effective for dogs that have been rescued from a shelter or for puppies that have just been separated from their litter.

      • Rose quartz to reassure your pet

        Rose quartz is the stone of universal love, it is the stone associated with the heart chakra. If you feel that your small companion needs to be reassured, make him wear this stone more particularly.

        It is a superb stone to improve the relations with your animal. Rose quartz conveys a sense of security and peace .

        If you have adopted your animal, it is the stone to use in priority..

        • Carnelian for animals that have been abused

        Carnelian is perfect to soothe animals that have been abused and therefore present traumas. It allows to calm and to soothe.

        Carnelian is also excellent for the skin and hair of your animals.

        • The amethyst for physical pains

        When your animal suffers on a particular zone, a massage with amethyst (in softness of course) makes it possible toalleviate its pain and to help withits cure. It will work on the joints and is therefore perfect for older pets with arthritis.

        You can place an amethyst where your pet sleeps.

        Amethyst is also ideal for rebalancing the 3rd eye chakra. It is associated with the nervous system, the head, the forehead as well as on the concentration.

        Your animal has this chakra unbalanced if for example you observe that it has difficulty with a lack of coordination or if it loses its balance.

        • The crystal of rock for the weakened animals

        Doesyour animal seem limp? lacking in enthusiasm? It is possible that the 7th chakra of your cat or dog is unbalanced.

        Indeed, the coronal chakra which is located above the head, directly controls the brain and the cerebral cortex.

        To rebalance this chakra, you can use rock crystal in massage, as a pendant or by placing stones directly in your pet's environment .

        The rock crystal is a wonderful stone that acts on healing in the broadest sense. It will also be perfect to help you to enter in communion with your animal.

        Of course, if your pet suffers from a serious illness or a persistent problem, you should consult a veterinarian as natural stones and crystals can provide additional help, but they should not be used as a substitute for proper medical treatment.

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