The stones to attract luck in love

Here is our guide to stones to attract luck in love.

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The most used protection stones to find a soul mate, attract love, heal heartache and the pain of a breakup, improve a relationship, save a couple, a marriage etc..

We must thank them after each use for what they have brought us and accept the energy they channel, concentrate and communicate to us.

  • Moonstone It is used to strengthen love, gentleness and understanding in a couple.

  • Pink quartz Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that calms, reassures and helps to learn to appreciate and love oneself. This stone opens the door to sensitivity, strengthens empathy, restores trust and brings peace and harmony. If you have never received love, rose quartz will open a path, if you have lost a love, it will offer comfort, if you have suffered from an unhealthy relationship it will remove the negativity and replace it with self-esteem.

  • Amethyst It strengthens love and allows to live in harmony with his or her partner.

  • Aventurine To bring calm and serenity in an agitated relationship.

  • Citrine To solve emotional and sentimental problems.

  • Hematite Hematite: Although of black color the hematite is a stone which is red inside. It is associated with the planet Mars and allows to find courage in the difficult periods.

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This information on the possibilities of the stones is given for information only.
It does not constitute in any way a diagnosis or a medical treatment.

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