How to use a pendulum ?


The rock crystal pendulum cone is ideal if you want to start practicing or even if you want to use it daily.

This pendulum is perfectly adapted to the use you will make of it. With daily training, the pendulum will answer every question you ask it.

It can be used for various reasons:

  • To find answers, tracks, solutions to its worries or those of its close relations
  • To improve your well-being
  • To work on your mental faculties
  • To make choices
  • Find a lost object or a missing person.

Getting in condition to use a pendulum

  • Advice before using the pendulum for the first time:

Before using your pendulum for the first time and after having purified and rechargedBefore using your pendulum for the first time and after having purified and recharged it, you can place it in a small organza pouch provided and carry it with you so that it becomes impregnated with your vibrations and is then more effective during the exercises.

After each use of your pendulum, it is recommended to purify and recharge it, then to place it in its small organza pouch to protect it or to carry it.

The pendulum is a very personal object: it cannot be lent!

  • Advice for getting into condition :

Before each use of the pendulum, it is essential to get in condition.

Here are some tips:
✮ Put yourself in a quiet area of the house, free of noise, away from things that give off electromagnetic waves
Be alone
Clear your mind of all worries and connect with yourself
Detach yourself from the negative influences around you
✮ Be extremely focused
✮ Be in good physical condition, not tired, relaxed, stressed, or emotionally or mentally strained
Trusting yourself,
✮ Not having digestive problems, orjoint inflammation.

Can anyone use a pendulum?

If you meet all the above conditions, there is no reason why you cannot use a pendulum.

    How to ask the right question to the pendulum?

    • The quality of the question asked to the pendulum
    When the preparatory conditions are met, you can ask a question to your pendulum. Your body will react and the pendulum, which is the extension of your hand, will give you the answer. Indeed, the pendulum will amplify the response of the body and the mind because your subconscious knows the answers to your questions. The pendulum will confirm information or your feeling.

    ✮ S ince the pendulum's answer is limited (yes, no, maybe), the question must be simple, effective, focused, precise, clear and concise.
    ✮ Avoid questions formulated with a negation.
    ✮ You must formulate a simple question with only one piece of data, avoiding putting several questions or unknown elements in the same question because the pendulum will be "lost" and will not know how to answer it.
    Ask several separatequestions, one after the other, waiting for the pendulum's answer to each question.
    ✮ The question should be neutral and not too personal.
    ✮ You should be detached and not influence the pendulum's answer even if it is not the answer you expected. Thus, accept the pendulum's response.
    • Why the pendulum does not turn ?

    As a reminder, if the pendulum does not answer the question or makes movements not defined in the mental convention, it certainly means that the question is badly formulated or that you have not the right preparatory conditions. Indeed, as previously mentioned, the pendulum is an extension of your own body and it will represent your state at a given moment.

    • Why does the pendulum spin strongly ?

    If on the contrary the pendulum turns strongly and quickly, it means that it is very receptive. The answer is straightforward and that's a good thing!

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