What is lithotherapy?

Discover the therapy by stones and the therapeutic virtues of minerals.

Lithotherapy is a natural method of care by minerals and crystalsIt has only been rediscovered in France for about thirty years.

This ancient technique allows to gently relieve pain,calm stress, balance and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical, and trigger a self-healing process.

It is a simple, effective and fun technique accessible to all (adults, children)!
Everyone can discover the secrets of stones and work with them on a daily basis.
The mineral world is rich and has amazing properties that can help us with all types of pathologies.
Whether your expectations concern the physical, the psychological, the emotional or the spiritual, stones can help you and accompany you on the path of self-healing, in parallel with any other conventional or non-conventional technique.
  • How can a simple stone act on me?

    Stones act by their energetic radiation, that is to say by the omnipresent vibrations which emanate from them
    This energy comes from the formation of the stone, it carries its characteristics and thus varies from one stone to another ...

    • What can the use of a stone bring me ?

      The virtues of the stonesare numerous, they can bring you a better being in the everyday life help you in a step of personal evolution and be a support for the affections of physical, mental and psychological order, the stones also offer broad possibilities in the spiritual field!

      • How to use the stones ?

          The simplest way is to wear the stones in such a way that they are in contact with the body : necklace, bracelet ....
          The stones in contact with the body throughout the day will have all the leisure to act on you, and bring the vibrations and energies which you need.

          It is important not to wear your stone at night in order to let it rest and be effective the next day.

          • When will my stone be effective?

          You must not forget, for this kind of treatment: the stone acts slowly, in depth, and it is necessary to leave it time to act...

          We cannot give a notion of time, because everyone is unique, and reactions can be quite fast, for some people a few days and for others a few weeks/months.

          The effectiveness is variable and depends mainly on 2 points:

          • the depth of the problem: the older the problem, and therefore "rooted", the longer it will take to get rid of it.
          • the sensitivity of the person... It doesn't matter what the person believes.

          Lithotherapy is not a placebo, whether you believe in the effects of the stones or not, they will have an effect.

          However, a person who is naturally protective, who fears criticism and the gaze of others or who is closed-minded, there is created a kind of energetic defense barrier that prevents being positively influenced by the beneficial energies of the stones.

          • Why does my stone change color, crack or break?

          Stones sometimes change and modify themselves.
          When a stone cracks, or when a stain appears on the surface, if it turns black, it means that the stone may have absorbed too much energy, it must be purified / recharged and left alone.
          Ask yourself if there have been important changes in your life or in your surroundings, this may have repercussions on the stone.
          The stones can change color, you must see according to your feelings if this is rather positive or not (is it more beautiful? does it look tired?) and see if you can still use it or if it should be left to rest. It also happens that stones become dull or lose their shine....

          • I broke my stone: is it still effective?

          A broken stone can still transmit its energies, no need to throw it away! Sometimes a stone that has been used too much can be more fragile and break, depending on how you use it, you may need to purify / recharge it and let it rest.

          • How to purify my stone ?

            Never use water to purify and clean your stone in the form of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets and pendants at the risk of damaging the golden ring.

            • How do I recharge my stone?

            All minerals are natural. Their virtues should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

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