The stones of fertility

You are looking for fertility stones to increase your chances of getting pregnant?

Discover our selection of stones with the most adapted virtues to improve your fertility and help you to give life.
Put all the chances on your side with health minerals.

Improve your fertility with stones:

Becoming a mom depends on Mother Nature and getting pregnant can take longer than expected.
To help you speed up the conception of your baby you can use minerals to boost your fertility.
Several stones are known to improve fertility, we will detail the benefits of each.


  • It influences the female reproductive organs and increases fertility. It overcomes frigidity and impotence.
  • It is a positive stone that will stimulate your will and banish negativity.
  • It is useful for problems in the tubes.
  • It can absorb blockages that hinder procreation.
  • Help for female fertility: in vitro conception and artificial insemination.
  • It is also suitable for the male partnerto maximize the chances of conception...

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  • Symbol of femininity, it is a soft stone which calms the emotions.
  • It is the stone of femininity and of the fecundity, if you have one to choose it is this one that you need ! Useful for the hormonal disorders, it supports the hormonal balance.
  • It is excellent for menstrual cycle disorders.
  • It stimulates the fecundity by solving the emotional blockings. It alleviates the uneasiness and the tensions relating to it.

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  • This stone assists the action of the ovaries and the testicles.
  • It fights against the inflammations of the genital system, as the tubes, the ovaries...
  • Ideal to calm the extreme emotions and to find the balance in difficult situations to manage on the relational level.

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To maximize your chances of pregnancy,
=>For HER: Bracelet with its MOONSTONE, it is a stone which will stimulate the Fertility, to carry on you permanently when you try to make a baby and that it is made wait.

=>For HIM: Bracelet with his CARNELIAN STONE (possibility of wearing it around the ankle for more discretion) it is adapted to the is adapted to the male partner in order to maximize the chances of conception...
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How to use the fertility stones ?

Here is how to force a little luck to get pregnant as soon as possible with a helping hand of fertility stones.
We advise you to carry at least 1 of these 3 stones on you throughout the day to benefit from their energy.
The minerals will harmonize your body andhelp it prepare to receive life.
Finally, you can also do relaxation sessions with your minerals by positioning them on your lower abdomen 2 to 3 times a week.
Position your stones for 10 to 15 minutes and think about the desire to welcome life into you.

=> Don't forget that it is about feeling, positive thinking, helping to relax, which is important for a good ovulation.


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