How to purify and recharge a stone?

Before arriving to you: your stone in the form of jewellery was handled by several people and it is advisable to remove the negative influences which it was charged.
For this reason, it is necessary to purify your stone with natural incense and then recharge it so that it regains its full effectiveness.

As soon as you receive your jewel and before wearing it for the first time, you must IMPERATIVELY :

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⛔ Ne never use water ⛔ for the purification of your stone in the form of jewels: at the risk of damaging the golden ring and ofreducing its effectiveness.

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Stones are alive and change as they are used: they change colour, crack, and can even lose their properties if they are too much used.
But if you maintain them well and send them positive energy, they will keep it and will be able to return it to you.

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