The benefits of stones from conception to breastfeeding

Throughout their lives, women experience intense physical and emotional changes. The pressure to have a baby, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are difficult ordeals that generate a flood of emotions and deep fatigue.

Stone therapy is an interesting natural alternative to rebalance energies or to soothe anxieties.

But which stones to use? Can they stimulate fertility and what are their benefits on pregnancy or breastfeeding? Let's take a look at these magical minerals with 1000 virtues.


Like a rollercoaster, the road to having a baby can be winding. Dotted with stress, joy, disappointment and passion, it swallows up all your energy and can make you lose confidence in yourself. What if the stones gave you a helping hand? Indeed, each of them has its own properties and this, since the Antiquity.

It will help you to overcome your anxieties and to find this lost confidence which shakes you. Moreover, it will be your ally throughout your journey of motherhood. From procreation by boosting your fertility, to after the birth by promoting lactation.

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Chase away your negative thoughts with carnelian. Indeed, you need positive vibes to conceive your baby. Therefore, this stone will soothe you and help you to find serenity and self-esteem.

It will also take care of your organs like your kidneys, your liver and your gall bladder which are very solicited during a pregnancy.

In addition, it strengthens sexuality, acts on ovulation and protects against miscarriage.

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Its soft colour fits him like a glove. Stone of love and tenderness, rose quartz will bring you peace and tranquillity. Nevertheless, this mineral does not bring only romance, it also plays a key role in blood circulation, arteries and heart.

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The upcoming arrival of a baby causes anxiety and fear. Do not let these fears spoil your daily life. In addition to the stones used during conception, expand your virtuous sphere with other complementary minerals such as :


This stone protects the pregnancy and soothes future mothers a little too worried about their future child.

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This mineral wears its name well. Thanks to him, fight your invasive energies, your tensions and your mental exhaustion. It will bring its claw to the preservation of your good health especially that of your respiratory system. Thus, you will be able to keep your forces and your combativeness to give birth to your child.

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You finally hold your treasure close to your heart. Nothing is more natural for you than breastfeeding your baby. However, you feel tired, exhausted and you fear that this drop in energy will alter the quality of your milk. In order to promote good lactation and optimal relaxation, you can count on the help of this stone.


Precious help against fertility, this sacred stone will not only help you against your anxieties but also for the breastfeeding of your child. Indeed, it supports the rise of milk.

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Happiness and inner peace are the results of the harmony between body and mind. Thanks to their different rates of crystallization, stones help to restore the energy flows and bring as many benefits as beauty. If motherhood is a miracle of nature, crystals are also one.

🔺 Important notice 🔺
This information on the possibilities of stones is given for information purposes only.
It does not constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.
If you have a health problem, always consult your doctor.

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